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There are a lot of ways to shop at CVS and save loads of money. Between store coupons and ExtraBucks, it can seem confusing to determine what is actually a good deal. That’s where we come to the rescue!

ExtraCare is CVS’s loyalty program, and when you sign up, CVS will start throwing many ways to save your way — among these, look for opportunities to earn ExtraBucks, which are basically coupons you can spend like cash on anything at CVS.

The best strategy is to stack as many offers as possible. For example, you can stack a manufacturer coupon, an ExtraBucks promotion, and a rebate offer (Ibotta, for example) with a sale price. Look for stock-up prices on the items below.

Be sure to download the Krazy Coupon Lady app and follow our CVS deals page for the best up-to-date deals at CVS.


1. The best CVS laundry detergent deals are for All and Tide.

All laundry detergent at cvs

Look for stock-up deals on CVS laundry detergent especially on All and Tide about once every other month.

You can get a stock-up price when you combine a CVS coupon and Tide coupon or All coupon with a sale.

KCL Stock-Up Price:

  • All, 32 oz. bottle: $1.49
  • Tide Pods, 12-14 ct: $2.94


2. Add milk to your CVS grocery list.

two gallons of milk in cvs cart

I know it seems odd to buy a perishable grocery item like milk at a drugstore, but believe me, CVS is the place to buy — and stock up on — milk. (Yes, you can freeze milk!)

The best way to snatch a stock-up price on CVS milk is by combining milk coupons and Ibotta “any brand of milk” offers.

We only see this deal a few times a year, so download the KCL app in order to find out right away when coupons and rebate offers show up!

KCL Stock-Up Price:

  • Milk, 1 gallon: $1.99


3. CVS nail polish deals are some of the best.

someone holding nail polish and cvs coupon

CVS nail polish is one of those items I always pick up when I can get it for free. I like to stockpile them for future gift baskets or even party favors!

The easiest way to grab nail polish for free is to wait for them to be on sale with an ExtraBucks promo. Poparazzi nail polish is a brand that is often part of this promotion.

KCL Stock-Up Price:

  • Nail polish: Free


4. Buy Hallmark CVS greeting cards.

holiday cards in cvs cart

You can use a greeting card for almost every day of the year. You should never pay full price for one! CVS offers ExtraBucks for buying 3 Hallmark greeting cards about once a month. When this offer is around, stock up for all the birthdays!

KCL Stock-Up Price:

  • Greeting Cards: Free (or even a moneymaker)



5. CVS vitamins are a best buy.

someone holding olly vitamins at cvs

Look for a stock-up-worthy deal on CVS vitamin brands like Nature Made, Flintstones, and Olly at least once a month.

A few times a year you can find a coupon for savings that matches a sale price on Nature Made vitamins at CVS, making it so you only pay tax!

KCL Stock-Up Price:

  • Multivitamins, 28-ct.: At least 75% savings


6. Buy CVS makeup, especially Maybelline cosmetics.

Maybelline makeup at cvs

A few times a year, you can actually make money on CVS makeup, especially on Maybelline cosmetics like mascara, lipstick, and eye shadow.

Stacking coupons and promotions is key to getting better-than-free Maybelline.

Look for CVS store coupons (found in the CVS ExtraCare Coupon Center), and combine these with ExtraCare promotions and rebate app offers.

Don’t forget to enroll in the free CVS BeautyClub too!

KCL Stock-Up Prices:

  • Maybelline Baby Lips: $0.49
  • Maybelline Expert Wear EyeShadow singles: $0.99
  • Maybelline Great Lash Mascara: $0.99


7. Buy Dunkin’ Donuts K-Cups in the CVS coffee aisle.

someone holding dunkin donuts keurig cups at cvs

Every couple of months, Dunkin’ Donuts K-Cups go on sale, and when you use a $1/1 or a $1.50/1 Dunkin’ Donuts coupon, you can get them for a stock-up price or lower.

KCL Stock-Up Price:

  • Dunkin’ Donuts K-Cups, 10-ct.: $4.99


8. Buy CVS gift cards.

someone holding panera, bed bath and beyond and american eagle gift cards at cvs

When you buy CVS gift cards during certain ExtraCare promotions, you can get cash back in the form of ExtraBucks.

For example, “Spend $75 in gift cards, get $15 in ExtraBucks,” or “Spend $50 in gift cards, get $10 in ExtraBucks.”

Typically the promotion includes certain gift cards, but there are usually a few options like Uber, Nike, The Children’s Place, Dunkin’ Donuts, etc. I like to buy them during this time to stash away for future gifts.

KCL Stock-Up Price:

  • Gift cards: At least 15% savings


9. Score CVS shampoo deals for Pantene shampoo and conditioner.

someone holding pantene and coupon at cvs

In order to get dirt cheap (below stock-up prices!) on Pantene shampoo and conditioner, you’ll need to combine Pantene coupons with an ExtraBucks promotion.

Note that many P&G coupons (like Pantene) are only good for 24 hours after you print them. Be sure to double-check this before you print, and wait to print until you’re ready to go to the store.

KCL Stock-Up Price:

  • Pantene shampoo or conditioner, 12.6 oz.: $1.99


10. Find CVS deodorant freebies often.

someone holding secret deodorant next to cvs cart

You can usually find free deodorant from brands like Sure, Brut, Mitchum, and Speed Stick at CVS when you stack a coupon and an ExtraBucks promotion like “Buy 1, Get $1 back in ExtraBucks” with a sale price.

These opportunities roll around multiple months in a row during both spring and fall.

KCL Stock-Up Prices:

  • Sure deodorant: $0.99
  • Brut deodorant: $0.99
  • Mitchum deodorant: $0.99
  • Speed Stick deodorant: $0.99



11. Buy CVS Neutrogena cosmetics.

someone holding neutrogena makeup in front of neutrogena shelf at cvs

Buy Neutrogena cosmetics like lip gloss and foundation at CVS when you can combine a sale price, a Neutrogena coupon, and an ExtraBucks promotion.

This perfect storm only shows up a few times a year, so keep your eyes peeled!

KCL Stock-Up Prices:

  • Neutrogena lipstick and lip gloss: $2.99
  • Neutrogena foundation: $3.49


12. Buy canned soup at CVS

someone holding campbells tomato soup

CVS has tons of Campbell’s and Progresso canned soup deals — I’m talking an average of a couple of stock-up deals per month.

Of those, the very best deals are on Campbell’s Well Yes! soups, which can dip as low as $0.25 per can — $1 below stock-up prices! Watch for opportunities to stack rebate offers (Ibotta and Fetch Rewards) with a coupon and a sale.

KCL Stock-Up Prices:

  • Progresso soup, 18-19 oz. can: $1
  • Campbell’s Well Yes! soup, 15-17 oz. can: $1.25
  • Campbell’s Condensed soup, 10.5 oz. can: $0.75
  • Campbell’s Chunky Soup, 18.6 – 18.8 oz. can: $1.25


13. CVS tampons are best buys, especially on Tampax tampons.

someone holding tampax tampons at cvs

Roughly once every three months, you can find a stock-up price on both Tampax Pearl and Tampax Radiant tampons at CVS.

Watch for Tampax coupons you can combine with an ExtraBucks promotion like “Spend $20, receive $5 ExtraBucks.”

KCL Stock-Up Price:

  • Tampax Pearl tampons, 18 ct.: $2
  • Tampax Radiant tampons, 16 ct.: $2


14. Find stellar CVS toothpaste deals on Crest and Colgate.

someone holding crest toothpaste next to cvs cart

You might already know that you should never pay for toothpaste because you can usually get it for free.

But I bet you don’t know that CVS has the most opportunities to pay nothing for Crest or Colgate toothpaste.

Look for opportunities to combine a Crest coupon or Colgate coupon with an ExtraBucks promotion like “Buy 1, Get $2 in ExtraBucks” and coupons from the CVS coupon machine.

KCL Stock-Up Price:

  • Crest toothpaste, 3 oz. or larger: $0.25
  • Colgate toothpaste, 4 oz or larger: $0.50


15. Get a free coupon with your CVS flu shot.

shopping cart and sign inside target

In the fall, get a $5 off $25 coupon when you get a CVS flu shot. But here’s the kicker: your insurance will probably cover the cost of your flu shot, but you’ll still get the coupon, which is basically like getting $5 for free.

KCL “buy now” price:

  • Flu shots: FREE


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