For many households, the laundry room is more than a place to wash clothes—it can become the room where everyone tosses their backpacks, bags, sports equipment, etc. The clutter alone makes most people dread doing laundry. Alas, here are 18 tips to get that laundry room organized—and stay organized.


1. Put your washer and dryer on a pedestal.

Create more storage space by following these instructions, or simply use a heavy coffee table. Not only does this give you more space, but it brings your washer and dryer to a back-friendly height.


2. Transfer detergents and softeners into decorative dispensers.

Putting detergent in clear jars is an attractive way to save space, plus, you can see when you’re running low.


3. Use a dry erase marker on your washing machine to remind yourself what not to put in the dryer.



4. Add shower curtain rods below shelves.

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Shelving above your washer and dryer is the way to go, especially if you have a small laundry room. A rod allows you to hang dry clothes easily as they come out of the washer.


5. Label different laundry baskets to keep clothes separate.


6. Create a laundry basket for each family member.


7. Turn the bars of an old crib into a drying rack.

Follow this tutorial to make your own.


8. Or, use an old crib’s springs to dry clothes.

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9. Organize laundry accessories on a pegboard.


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10. Create an easy-to-reach stain remover kit.



11. Collect lint in a designated bin.

Put it on a wall near the dryer, and use the lint later as a fire starter in the backyard or while camping. There are several ways to use it as a starter. These instructions offer a simple way using lint and paper rolls.


12. Slide a storage tower between the washer and dryer.

Or, if you have a stackable washer and dryer, slide it between that and the wall. You can buy a storage tower on Amazon for around $25.


13. Make your own retractable laundry line.

The best part about this is it disappears when not in use. To make a retractable clothing line, you’ll need some large screw eye hooks, rope, a carabiner, and a small cleat hook. Here are some easy instructions to put it together.


14. Store an ironing board on hooks.


15. Hide laundry clutter with a curtain under a sink.



16. Use chalkboard paint for laundry reminders.



17. Hang a shoe organizer on a laundry door.

Fill it with your most used laundry and cleaning supplies.


18. Hang a ladder from the ceiling to dry clothes.

These directions explain how easy it is to put this together. You’ll need some screw eyes and chain link. Just make sure to screw the screw eyes into a stud in the ceiling.


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18 Incredible Ways to Organize Your Laundry Room