All kinds of civilizations have been reaping the benefits of honey for centuries. But in our modern society of prepackaged beauty goods and processed foods, we may have strayed from appreciating this simple, natural ingredient and all it can do for us. As a licensed esthetician, I try to share the numerous benefits of honey with anyone I can. Here are some ideas for making honey an invaluable part of your beauty routine, as well as some of its other uses in the kitchen that you may not have thought of:

1. Cure acne from the inside out

This delicious drink works well for less severe cases of acne: heat one cup of water, drop in half a lemon, and add 1 tablespoon of raw honey until thoroughly dissolved. Drink this once each morning and evening, and within days or weeks, your skin should clear up.

2. Healing face mask

Honey not only hydrates and moisturizes your skin, it also reduces acne scarring and blemishes. The best part is that the only ingredient you need is raw honey! Coat skin with a thin layer, let it sit for 15–30 minutes, rinse with warm water, and pat dry. Be sure to secure your hair in a bun or pony tail. As we all know, honey is rather sticky and difficult to wash out of our hair!

3. Glowing body scrub

This can also work as a facial scrub, however, I recommend those with sensitive skin only use this for the body. Simply combine one part sugar with three parts honey. Rub lightly across your skin in circular motions, rinse with warm water, and pat dry.

4. Banish dry hair

Because honey has moisturizing benefits, you can mix a small amount of it with your daily conditioner or weekly deep conditioning mask. Be sure to rinse out thoroughly!

5. Bathe like Cleopatra

I learned in esthetician school that Cleopatra frequently took milk baths. Since she was famous for her beauty, it couldn’t hurt to try it, right? Add 1 cup of milk, and 1/2 cup of honey to your bath water. Feel free to change this ratio to whatever suits you best, and to add any favorite essential oils. The lactic acid found naturally in milk is an AHA—which serves as an exfoliant for your skin—and the honey will make you soft and moisturized. It’s an inexpensive and relaxing way to get gorgeous skin!

6. Bake healthier

Substitute honey for sugar when baking for a more natural treat. Since honey is sweeter and heavier than sugar, you’ll need to make some minor adjustments: substitute 3/4 cup of honey for every cup of sugar. Reduce the other liquids in the recipe by 1/2 cup for every cup of honey, and lower your oven’s temperature by 25 degrees.

7. Keep baked goods moist in the mail

Not only does honey attract and retain moisture in your skin, it is also true for baked goods. If you love to send goodies to out-of-state family and friends or loved ones who live abroad, bake them with honey next time to ensure they will be moist and delicious by the time they arrive!

8. Kid-friendly sore throat treatment

Honey is a great sore throat soother. Since getting kids to gargle is no easy task, the next time your little one suffers from a sore throat try this: mix 1/2 cup honey to 1 cup of orange juice and freeze into ice pops. No-fuss relief!

9. Easy substitute for better health

Next time you’re steeping your cup of tea, use honey instead of sugar. Honey is sweeter, so it requires less to make your drink just as tasty. Honey contains numerous vitamins that you can’t find in sugar and is a more natural and less processed alternative. It’s an effortless switch with great benefits!


Though raw honey can seem rather expensive to the savvy, money-saving shopper, these all-natural and healthy tricks can save you hundreds of dollars a year. I buy my raw honey at my local grocery chain stores. They tend to sell the less expensive brands, which are just as effective and great tasting as the more expensive brands found elsewhere.

This is a guest post by Tracy from Tampa, FL
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9 Smart and Healthy Uses for Honey