These fluffy pompoms were made from a t-shirt! Unfortunately, before I did this project I got rid of a bunch of old shirts that I could have used, but I found a red one at the dollar store. It had enough fabric in it that I could probably have made about 8–10 ornaments. That makes them come out to only about $0.10–1.12 per ornament! I love how versatile they are, too. How darling would it be to make a little one and attach it to a gift or a stack of cookies for a friend? Or make several and attach them to a wreath. The sky’s the limit!

Materials Needed:

  • T-shirt
  • Piece of string, about 15–20 inches long
  • Fabric strips or ribbon, optional


1. Cut your t-shirt into strips that are about 1Ž4"- 1Ž2" wide. A rotary cutter works great for this, but if you don't have one, scissors will work fine, too.

2. Use a plastic lid or a piece of cardboard to wrap your strips around. I used a few lids in different sizes, (about 3″–5") to make mine. Use whatever size works for how big you want your pompoms to be.

3. Wrap the strips around your lid. When one strip ends, just start wrapping another around it.

4. Keep wrapping until you have a nice thick collection of strips. The more you use, the fuller your pompom will be.

5. Once you have enough strips, slip your string under the middle of one side of the strips and tie it tightly in place while it is still on your lid.

6. Slip all the strips off the lid and use the string to wrap around and tie the other side of strips tightly.

7. The string will also serve as the hanger of your ornament, so cut it at a desired length and tie a knot at the top.

8. Cut through the loops at the top and bottom of the ornament.

9. Fluff out all your strips and then give your pompom a good trimming, working to create a nice, even sphere.

10. Tie a bow around the string at the top of your pompom with fabric strips or ribbon.

Make Pompom Ornaments out of T-Shirts!