I adore browsing through catalogs, dog-earing pages, planning for the home decor, outfits, or patio that I’ve always wanted. Remember the excitement when the Spiegel catalog arrived in the mailbox? My grandfather used to love the “Monkey Ward’s” book.

Those were the good old days. Now I’ve got kids and other commitments and less time to look through tons of catalogs and THEN have to recycle a mile-high stack of papers.

Here’s a service that is a real time and space saver: CatalogSpree.com. Sign up and browse through hundreds of catalogs on the website. Pick and choose what you want to look at, and have nothing to recycle at the end of the day.

I slobbered over gorgeous lamps and accessories with Artful Home (but I’ll never afford anything inside that catalog). I looked for an affordable winter coat at Eddie Bauer and found adorable kids’ clothes at The Land of Nod.

After browsing, I can save what I like and share cool items with friends and family. The service is not spammy.

Sign up for the service by clicking this link. Let us know in the comments what you think!

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