Both Marie Kondo and The Container Store are all about getting your spaces organized and decluttered, and now they’ve joined forces for some new products.

The “Container Store x KonMari” line is coming soon, introducing dozens of organizational products that are designed to “spark joy” — and appeal to Kondo’s minimalist philosophy, as shown on her hit Netflix show “Tidying Up.”

Here’s what you need to know:


More than 100 KonMari products are coming to The Container Store in January.

According to The Container Store, these products will be specifically geared towards home organization, giving people “simple solutions with an elevated aesthetic to maximize space in their homes,” the companies said in a statement.


The new line will be made of entirely sustainable materials.

One of the big ideas Marie Kondo shares over and over is that if something doesn’t spark joy for you, you say goodbye to it. She advocates sustainable ways of doing that — from donating items to recycling to repurposing.

The KonMari products at The Container Store will all be made of sustainable materials, including bamboo, ceramic, recycled fiberboard, and wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

So if you ever decide you’re done with these products, they’ll be easily recycled or otherwise will be biodegradable.



Details are scarce about the products, but expect them to be $25 or less per item.

Neither The Container Store nor KonMarie have shared details about specific products hitting the market, but we expect this will be a budget-priced take on Marie’s existing organizational products.

No pricing information has been released, either, but since the vast majority of items at The Container Store are in the $25 and under realm, that would be a safe bet.

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The Container Store already has products from another hit Netflix show.

“Get Organized with The Home Edit” has been a hit on Netflix, reaching many of the same fans as Marie Kondo.

While The Home Edit doesn’t have their own line of products (yet), The Container Store has a section of their website featuring all of the products seen on the show.

While products range from $3.99 to $1,600, the vast majority cost $25 or less.


Can’t wait? Marie Kondo already sells organizing products on her website.

At, declutterers can find a number of “Tidying & Organization Products” — including storage and organizers, catchalls and trays, shelving and hooks, kids’ storage, and cleaning tools.

They’re spendier than the majority of The Container Store’s goods. A Wire Market Basket runs $50, a Canvas Half-Wall Komono Organizer costs $117, and a Bamboo and Leather Organizing Tray is priced at $29.


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The Container Store & Marie Kondo Team Up for New Product Line