I've been using Amazon Subscribe & Save for about six months and I absolutely love it! If you haven't heard about Amazon Subscribe & Save, I'm here to share. Initially, I was reluctant to subscribe to this program. I thought it was a way for Amazon to lock me in to a commitment that would cost me more money than I wanted to spend. I couldn't have been more wrong. After using Subscribe & Save, I found that it's a great way to save time, money and trips to the store! There’s no enrollment fee to sign up, and you can cancel at any time without future obligations.

Look at Subscribe & Save as a subscription service for your essentials. “Subscribe” to the items you love and have them delivered on a set monthly date of your choosing. Select products that you buy regularly like paper goods (toilet paper, tissues and more), groceries, or diapers. In return for subscribing, you receive a 5% discount and free shipping on the items you select. If you have five or more items (subscriptions) set up in one delivery, the discount increases to 15%—if you're an Amazon Mom, you save 20%!

How to get started

1) Choose from a list of thousands of eligible items from the Amazon Subscribe & Save page. (The list of available items does change frequently so check often.)

2) Select the quantity of that item.

3) Set the delivery schedule. Determine how often you wish to receive delivery of your item. Monthly intervals range from 1 – 6 months. This can be adjusted at any time. For instance, I once ordered toilet paper to be delivered monthly. After realizing that our family of six didn’t go through as much paper as I had thought, I slowed down the delivery to every three months.

3) Enter your payment information. Your payment won’t be processed until your order ships. The amount charged each time will show the price of the item at the time the order is processed.

4) Click "Subscribe Now."

The more you subscribe, the more you save

If you elect to receive five or more items (a.k.a. subscriptions) on each monthly delivery day, the savings will increase to 15% on your entire order.

Here's some advice. If I'm ever under five items, I’ll add a filler item. This filler item is often a low-priced product under $5. The savings of increasing my discount from 5% to 15% is definitely worth adding an extra item. Some of my favorite items under $5 include: Oral-B. Floss Picks, Nivea Lip Care, and Dial Soap Bars

Discounts and coupons

With Subscribe & Save, a discount is given on Amazon and Amazon Marketplace's already low prices. There are online coupons available on select Subscribe & Save items that can be used in addition to the discount. I’m all about stacking savings, so this is awesome!


Email reminders about your next order are sent before your items are shipped. This is a good time to check the prices on items that you subscribe to and ensure the costs haven't changed drastically. If they did, feel free to cancel the item.

Am I locked in to a subscription?

I’m happy to say that there are no commitments, obligations, or fees with Amazon Subscribe & Save (if there were, I wouldn’t like it as much). You can cancel a subscription at any time prior to the order’s shipment. Simply manage your subscription through your Amazon account—it’s super easy. Once the first shipment is ordered, you can change your subscriptions or cancel without any obligation.

KCL will do the work for you

Finding coupons for awesome items and stacking them with great prices can take some time, but don’t fret! We’ll do the work for you. For Amazon Subscribe & Save deals we love, check out our new page here!

Amazon Subscribe & Save: My New Favorite Way to Save on Groceries