I’m always on the lookout for every app, website, and deal that can save me money. A tight budget means that I’m careful to make sure that every dollar goes a long way. After the coupon clipping, price matching, and deal snagging is done at the grocery store, I use my receipts to get even more money back by scanning and submitting them to apps and websites that track consumer data. In return, they pay me in cash and gift cards!

How does it work?

ReceiptPal, ReceiptHog and the National Consumer Panel will pay you for photos of your receipts as well as barcode scans of the products you buy. The data you submit is used for market research purposes and will help shape the types of products available and marketed to consumers. If you’re worried about these companies getting your personal information (name and credit card numbers), don’t fret. Such information is usually not even on store receipts, and if it is, companies will strip it from their records—they only need your purchases.

1. ReceiptPal

ReceiptPal is an app available for Android and iPhone that pays you for scans of your grocery, restaurant, retail, and online merchant receipts. They even take electronic receipts by email. The app was created by the NPD Group, one of the largest consumer research companies in the world. Simply open the app, snap a photo of your receipt, and submit it.

Earning points

For each receipt you get 25 points. Fill up a 100-point card and cash in for a great prize. New sweepstakes are offered every week, and each scanned receipt gives you an entry. Keep up the scanning because if you don’t scan any receipts in 90 consecutive days, your points will expire!

The rewards

You can cash in your points for Amazon.com and Restaurant.com gift cards. A $5 Amazon gift card is only 1,550 points, so if you’re scanning all your receipts each week, you can accrue those points super fast!

2. ReceiptHog

ReceiptHog is another receipt-scanning app available for Android and iPhone that pays cash for grocery, drugstore, dollar store, beauty supply, or convenience store receipts. Simply open the app, take a picture of your receipt, and watch your cash add up.

Earning points

Each receipt scan gets you 5-15 coins. You can also take short surveys for 40-60 points each to add up points faster. Play the app’s Hog Slots game to earn extra points. Each spin rewards you with coins, and if you get three of a kind, you have the opportunity to win 100 coins, the amount of your last receipt or $100 cash. The app shows who the most recent winners are, and maybe next time it will be me!

The rewards

Coins and points are redeemable for cash and Amazon.com gift cards. A $10-cash payout is 1,800 points, so that’s 180 receipts on average. That seems slow, but hey, it’s still an extra $10 you didn’t have before—all for just taking 15 seconds to scan a receipt!

3. National Consumer Panel (NCP)

NCP is a home shopping survey panel that is sponsored by Neilson, the company that tracks television ratings and consumer data. When you sign up for NCP and are accepted, you are sent a handheld scanner that you use to scan everything your family buys—from groceries to gas to retail purchases. Then you sync the scanner with their website weekly to upload your data.

Signing up

NCP does not accept everyone that applies, and you may have to wait awhile before a spot opens up in your area. There’s no real trick for getting in; it just depends on the amount of people in your area and the participating demographic. If you apply and don’t get an acceptance email, don’t worry! They’ll get back to you. And if you apply and it says that someone from your household is already a member, it’s probably from a previous application so just re-apply with a different email address. Scanning your groceries is easy to do as you unload your bags and can be a fun way to get the kids involved—who doesn’t like playing with a scanner?! It also helps me review my receipt and catch any mistakes such as accidental double scans by the cashier.

Earning points

Each week you submit data you get points and are entered into weekly and monthly prize drawings. You can also answer surveys to earn rewards.

The rewards

You can cash in your points for a wide variety of rewards ranging from movie tickets and Jiffy Lube gift cards to luggage and vacuum cleaners. They have a large reward catalog of products to choose from, so you can save up to get a new iPod or cash out your points sooner for a new DVD.,


3 Ways to Earn Cash from Your Grocery Receipts