Have you looked at the bottom of your Rite Aid receipt recently and wondered how many Wellness+ Points you have? If you’re like me, then you may do it every time you shop at Rite Aid, but for others, Wellness+ Points are just numbers that are often ignored. Stop ignoring those numbers; they can lead to precious savings! In fact, savings can come sooner than you think because points aren’t that difficult to earn. Read on to learn how to get more points so you can save more dollars.

1. What are Wellness+ Points?

Signing up for a Rite Aid Wellness+ account opens the door to so many ways of saving money and earning rewards. Just one of the many benefits of a having a Wellness account is earning points. As you gain points, discounts are unlocked and will automatically be deducted when you input your Wellness+ account at checkout. There are three different levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

  • Bronze: This level is awarded when you earn 250 points and offers a 10% discount on all Rite Aid brand products.
  • Silver: Awarded at 500 points and offers a 10% discount on all products in the store.
  • Gold: Earn 1,000 points and you’re golden! Get a 20% discount on all products in the store.

Keep in mind that you’re not eligible for a discount on sale items.

2. How are Wellness+ Points earned?

  • Earn 25 points for every prescription you fill.
  • Earn one point for every dollar you spend.

There are two ways to earn points: prescriptions and purchases (1 point per dollar spent). Being a couponer, of course I wondered if points are earned for every dollar before or after coupons? When I inquired, I was told that points would be applied after coupons, that my out of pocket is the base amount used to calculate points. But it wasn’t that simple. I keep track of what I spend out of pocket on my shopping trips, and I have more than double the points of what I have spent. It took a little bit of work, but I dug deep into the Terms and Conditions and found the fine print that explains the discrepancy. Points are not earned on Rite Aid store coupons. This would include Rite Aid Video Values Adperk, Facebook exclusives, Load2Card coupons, as well as +Up Rewards. Manufacturer coupons are not excluded in the Terms and Conditions, therefore they will count towards earning Wellness+ points.

An example

Let’s say I want to buy a product that’s listed for $5.00. I use a Rite Aid store coupon for $1.00 off and then a manufacturer coupon for another $1.00 off. My total at the register is now $3.00. I then use a +Up Reward for $2.00, bringing the total down to just $1.00, which I pay for with cash. I will not earn points on the store coupon or the +Up Reward, but I will earn points on the $1.00 I paid for in cash and for the $1.00 taken off from the manufacturer coupon. In this example I will earn two Wellness+ points:

3. Keeping track of points


At the bottom of your receipt, look for the section directly under the bar code. It will read “Your Wellness+ Point total as of [insert date of day prior to purchase]” and then directly below and centered will be the number of points you have earned. Keep in mind, this calculation is based on the day prior to the purchase you just made, so it won’t include any points you earn that day.

4. Determining your Wellness+ level

Your receipt will tell you in two places what level of savings you are receiving:

  • The first place to look is under the store, cashier and date information on the receipt—before the items you purchased are listed.


  • The second location is below the transaction total and amount tendered. Here, your level savings will be listed.


Now you’re ready to start earning points! Check out all of the current deals here.

How to Earn Wellness+ Points and Save Money at Rite Aid