We all get coupons for products we’ve never tried before and tend to push them to the back of their product category within our coupon binders. This is because we assume they won’t be as good as another item we’ve learned to love. The trouble with that is our tastes don’t continue to develop and we end up eating within the same “food box.” Diversify your stockpile whenever there’s a deal on something new that’s too good to miss, and step outside the box.

Array of Flavors 

When spaghetti sauce is at a rock bottom stock-up price, branch out and try new flavors! Not only will you get to switch out between tomato & basil, caramelized onion & roasted garlic, Alfredo and pesto, you won't be clearing the shelves by buying all the four jars of cheese flavor in stock. The same goes for everything from shampoo, soap and body wash to pasta, soup and cereal.

Just In

When manufacturers launch new products, they often entice buyers with a high-value coupon, and this is when we Krazy Couponers can get some amazing deals! Pair these hot coupons with store coupons and promotions to stock up for less, and get to be the first to try out what's new on the market.

Request It

If you want to buy a large quantity of one type of item, special order! This guarantees that you get the number you want, and shelves don't get cleared.


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