It’s no secret that KCL readers love Ibotta. And with good reason. Ibotta is an app that gives you rebates on your everyday shopping. But, the KCL community asks a lot of Ibotta questions! I’ve gathered them together in this Ibotta FAQ to make it easier for you to use the app and save money.


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1. How do I get an Ibotta referral code?

Looking for an Ibotta referral code? If you’re a new user, you can sign up through KCL’s Ibotta referral code to earn an extra dollar on top of your initial $20 bonus.

If you’re already an Ibotta user, you can sign up for Ibotta’s referral program yourself. Invite your friends to use the Ibotta app. After they redeem their first offer, you’ll get $10.


2. Why can’t I find the same Ibotta offers as my friends?

Not everyone receives the same rebate offers on Ibotta. So if you can’t find one, it’s likely due to one of these three reasons:

  • Offers vary based on your geographic location.
  • The product you’re looking for might just not be available at your Walmart vs your friend’s Walmart.
  • New users tend to get higher-value offers than those who use Ibotta frequently.


3. How many times can I redeem an Ibotta offer?

When you look at an offer, right below it will be a grey “Limit” box. This will tell you how many times you can redeem an offer per receipt.

We most often see offers limited to one, two, three, or five redemptions.


4. Can you use online receipts for Ibotta?

Technically, no. Ibotta does not accept online receipts. They’ll only accept pictures of receipts printed from a store’s point-of-sale (POS) machine.

However, we do have accounts of KCL users successfully claiming Ibotta rebates using eReceipts or digital receipts. So it’s technically not allowed, which I would respect as an Ibotta app user. But you may hear accounts of people who try anyways and get lucky.

PRO TIP: While online receipts aren’t acceptable for Ibotta, the pandemic did spark a major change as far as online grocery orders go. Many stores are now linked with Ibotta to allow in-store offer redemptions even on grocery delivery and pickup orders. You can find qualified stores and services by scrolling to the bottom of an offer within the Ibotta app.


5. Why am I not getting all of my Ibotta rebates when I shop with a linked loyalty program?

Nothing’s more frustrating than planning out your shopping trip based on Ibotta offers, only to not receive credit for all of your rebates.

It’s a problem KCL community members run across from time to time. It usually happens when you’re shopping with a linked loyalty account rather than uploading your receipts.

So I sat down with Ibotta to talk about some of the most common reasons behind missing Ibotta rebates.



6. You thought you activated all the offers—but you didn’t.

“Most often if there is an issue with loyalty linking, it is that the offers have not been activated prior to the user’s shopping trip,” says Julianna Vorhaus, Associate Director of Brand Marketing for Ibotta.

“In order to receive credit on the offers, you have to add them to your list before you shop so the credit can be applied automatically.”


7. Your specific UPC isn’t in Ibotta’s system.

“It’s also possible that we don’t have a specific UPC for an item in our system,” says Vorhaus.

That means maybe you bought the right product, but the UPC was different from the one Ibotta has on hand for reference. In these cases, Vorhuas says you can reach out to the Ibotta care team to set things right. You do this by:

  • Selecting the retailer from the Ibotta Home Screen.
  • Tapping the “Your List” button on the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. It’s a green-blue button with three, interrupted lines on it as pictured above.
  • Selecting your offer.
  • Scrolling down to the middle of the page and selecting “Check Product Barcode.”
  • Scanning the UPC twice. This will bring up an option to “Add UPC.”
  • Reviewing the product details to make sure you really do have the right product.
  • Clicking “Yes” to submit your information to the Ibotta Care Team.

From there you’ll receive a follow-up email, letting you know if your product was accepted or not. If it is, it takes about an hour for the system to update and give you the opportunity to claim the rebate.

PRO TIP: You should be able to claim the rebate an hour after your UPC request is accepted. Not an hour from the time you submit your UPC request to the Care Team.


8. You might be shopping at Target.

Vorhaus did not mention Target, but the Ibotta linked Target loyalty program is the one KCL users encounter hiccups with most frequently.

First, in some users’ experiences it takes longer for Target to process rebates. With most stores you’ll see your rebates within a day or two. Target rebates can sometimes take a couple days longer.

Then, once your rebates come through, many users report some as missing. Sometimes up to 50% of the rebates are missing. You can contact the Ibotta Care Team every time this happens, and they will help you get full credit.

But many users find it easier to just unlink their Ibotta account from the Target loyalty program. Then they can upload their receipts directly, which removes the issue.


9. Why didn’t I get credit for my Ibotta bonus?

Be sure to read the fine print on your bonus. Many times, you’ll need to claim the qualifying rebate offer multiple times on separate transactions.

For example, the KCL team has noticed that men’s care items often require you to claim an offer twice in order to get a bonus—and those redemptions have to come via two separate receipts.

This can hold true for many other products, too, whether you’re shopping in the grocery section or buying Febreeze.


10. What can I do if I didn’t receive my Ibotta rebate?

Vorhaus says that anytime a user has an issue they can reach out to the Ibotta Care Team for support.

She also reminded me that Ibotta has recently added an even easier way to get in touch with the Care team. Simply go to the offer submission page and use the Help Desk link. From there, a Care representative will help you sort out the issue.



11. Can I use Ibotta with other savings apps?

Whether or not you can use Ibotta with other apps depends on the policies of the other app. In most situations, the answer will be, “No.” But there are rare exceptions.

Here are some of the most common app combinations people ask about:


12. Is there a shortcut for hitting team goals on Ibotta?

There sure is! To meet your team goals, you will need to redeem a set amount of rebates within a set period—usually a month. On top of that, your team members will collectively have to redeem a set amount of rebates. Then, you’ll all earn your Teamwork bonuses.

A great way to be sure you’ll hit those team goals is by joining the Krazy Coupon Lady Ibotta Team on Facebook. With 30,500+ members, there is no doubt your team will reach their goals.


Has this answered your Ibotta FAQs? If not, be sure to leave your question in the comments!

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