The first time I saw a stockpile I thought, “All those products = a lot of spent money.” It wasn’t until I became a Krazy Couponer myself that I realized how easy it is to accumulate items thanks to deals and coupons. The idea of stocking up can be daunting at first. But never fear! Setting up a stock-up budget can keep excess spending to a minimum while still enabling you to grow your stockpile!

Divide your budget by percentages

Stocking up doesn’t have to be expensive. You can actually do it by spending about the same or less than you currently do. When you start combining rock bottom sale prices with store and manufacturer coupons, you can buy a lot more for your buck. The key is to divide your budget by percentages. What percent of your current budget will you allocate to stockpiling and how much will be devoted to needs such as milk, fresh produce, bread, and protein?

Build over time

At first you will likely have a higher percentage going to needs since you haven’t built up a stockpile yet. Start stocking up slowly—the best stockpiles are built over time, adding a few products every week. Once you have started your stockpile, you can start utilizing it, lowering the cost of needs. Eventually, your budget for stockpiling will be greater, and money spent on needs will decrease. Over time, you’ll see that you will spend the same or less per month on shopping as in the past, but now you should be scoring 33-100% more!

How to Start Your Own Stockpile