If you shop at Walmart, or you’re looking for a brainless way to make sure you’re paying the cheapest prices, be sure to use Walmart’s app with Savings Catcher.

Once you’ve downloaded the app and start scanning your receipts, if another store advertises a cheaper price on something you bought at Walmart, they’ll refund you the difference in the form of an eGift Card.

But, Walmart recently changed how their Savings Catcher works to make it even easier for you to use (and spend!) your cash-back rewards. Here’s everything you need to know:


1. No more waiting for an email — Savings Catcher rewards now transfer to an eGift card each time they’re earned.

No more manually redeeming rewards!

Just scan the code on your receipt using the Walmart app. Then, instead of having to manually redeem your rewards, Savings Catcher rewards will automatically transfer to an eGift card attached to your Walmart account for you to spend later.

Which means you can spend your Savings Catcher rewards right away on Walmart.com or in-store with Walmart Pay — no more waiting for an email.



2. Save your rewards until you’re ready to spend them at Walmart.

Now you can save your Savings Catcher rewards and have them carry over from year to year. Just spend your cash-back rewards before you hit $1,000, because you’re not allowed to go over that in your Walmart account.

You also can’t transfer your rewards to a Bluebird card anymore. You have to spend your Savings Catcher rewards at Walmart.


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2 Ways Walmart's Savings Catcher Is Changing--and What It Means for You