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What you’ll need

Turn a Pumpkin into a Flower Vase


1. Cut open and hollow out a pumpkin.

Cut open and hollow out a pumpkin.


Cut the top of your pumpkin off, keeping in mind that the wider you make the top opening, the more flowers you’ll be able to add, and the fuller the arrangement will look.

Try to remove as much of the pumpkin innards as possible. Cleaning out the pumpkin throughly will help your pumpkin last longer.

2. Add a waterproof liner.

Turn a Pumpkin into a Flower Vase

A waterproof liner will keep both your pumpkin and flowers lasting longer. Cellophane from the dollar store works perfectly. Or use a clean empty can and insert it snugly into the pumpkin. If you buy a pre-made bouquet, you can even reuse the cellophane the flowers were wrapped in!

TIP: You’ll want to choose fall-colored flowers that complement each other. I like to buy pre-packaged flowers at grocery stores like Trader Joe’s. You can buy a small bouquet there for just $4!


3. Measure and cut water absorbent floral foam.

Turn a Pumpkin into a Flower Vase

You can find floral foam at most craft stores and even at Dollar Tree.



4. Soak the floral foam in water

Turn a Pumpkin into a Flower Vase

Place the foam in a container of water that has flower food already in it. If your flowers didn’t come with flower food, you can add crushed aspirin to the water instead. Aspirin contains salicylic acid that cleans the water and prevents bacteria from building up. Let the floral foam soak until it is completely saturated, and add to the pumpkin liner.

5. Arrange the flowers and greenery into the floral foam.

Turn a Pumpkin into a Flower Vase

When using floral foam, it’s best to start with the most prominent type of flower first. Use these flowers to create the basic structure of the arrangement. Then, cut the stems of the flowers at an angle to allow for more water absorption, and pull off all leaves that would be buried in the foam.

The stems should easily slide into the foam and stay in place. It’s best to work with one type of flower at a time and rotate the arrangement as you go to keep things proportional.

TIP: If you hold the flowers up next to the arrangement you can measure how high you would like them to be before cutting the stems.

6. Store the finished arrangement in the fridge until it’s ready to be displayed.

Turn a Pumpkin into a Flower Vase

Make sure to add more water to the liner to keep the floral foam from drying out!

TIP: Don’t have fresh cut flowers? You can hollow out a pumpkin and add a mum plant for an easy centerpiece.

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How to Turn a Pumpkin into a Flower Vase