Reusable toilet paper (aka family cloth) isn’t for the fainthearted. But before you dismiss the idea completely, think about how hard it is to find toilet paper right now during the coronavirus pandemic. Maybe cloth wipes aren’t a bad option after all — especially if you only use them for #1 bathroom visits.

Easy to make. Easy to clean. Why not give reusable toilet paper a try? I mean, it’s kind of like cloth diapering your baby, right? If you’re not about it, check out the Krazy Coupon Lady’s toilet paper deals page for savings on the good stuff when it’s available.


DIY reusable toilet paper

Keep a stash of cloth wipes, baby washcloths, or cut cloths made from fabric (like old shirts) in a container on your toilet seat, then just toss soiled wipes into a bin for laundering later.

A little trick?

Keep a second trash can (preferably one with a with a lid) in your bathroom to toss the used cloth wipes into. If you line the can with an old pillowcase, all you have to do is throw the whole thing in the washer. No need to see the dirty laundry at all!

To make laundering reusable toilet paper even easier, keep a stain spray nearby and spritz onto cloths before placing in the bathroom laundry bin. Launder often — in a hot water cycle with detergent or a vinegar solution — for best results.

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How to Make Reusable Toilet Paper