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String helps with everything from putting on makeup to unlocking a car door to cooking in the kitchen.

Take a look at our 14 life-changing string hacks you must try:


1. Water plants while you’re out of town.

Using cotton or nylon string, place one end of the string deep into the plant’s soil and the other end into a large bottle of water.

The water will gradually work its way up the string and into the soil, which keeps your plants hydrated while you’re away!


2. Fix a sweater pull.

Thread your needle with string, pull both through the sweater where the snag is, and your sweater is as good as new!


3. Make giant bubbles with sticks, a washer and string.

You’ll need two sticks (or dowels) of any size, two screw eyes, a washer and string (about 6′ in length). In one end of each of the sticks, attach a screw eye. Thread the string through the eyes and the washer. Tie a knot.

Hold the two sticks together. Dip the string into bubble solution until it’s completely submerged. Slowly lift the wand, separate the sticks and walk backwards while your bubble grows!


4. Remove acrylic nails.

You’ll need a BFF to help you out with this one. Use a cuticle stick to start to pry up the bottom edge of the acrylic nail. Have your partner work the string under and then slowly move the string back and forth until the nail pops off.



5. Quiet a constantly dripping tap.

Stop a tap from constantly dripping.

The water will move quietly down the string to the drain, and you’ll have peace of mind not hearing the annoying dripping noise anymore.


6. Make a phone number safety bracelet for kids.


7. Apply liquid eyeliner flawlessly.

Use a thin piece of string, and color a section of it with liquid eyeliner. Set the thread on the part of your eyelid where you want to apply the makeup, and run it back and forth.

Once your eyeliner is set, go back and touch up!


8. Remove a stuck ring from your finger.

Push one end of the string under your ring. You’ll want the shorter end in your hand; hold it down with your thumb.

Wrap the remaining string snugly around your finger to just above the top of your knuckle. Reposition your thumb to hold this end down. Now start unwinding the string from the bottom, and as it unwinds, your ring will easily pass over your knuckle.


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9. Make your gloves touchscreen friendly.

Stitch patches of metallic thread on the index finger and thumb.


10. Zip up the back of any dress.

Attach the string to the zipper and pull up.


11. Flavor soup with removable herbs.

Herbs like bay leaves can’t be consumed — so instead of searching for the leaves in the soup, put them in a cheesecloth bundle and attach to the side of the pot with string.



12. Slice foods like cheese and cake.

Cut and slice foods like cheese and cake.

Via Delish


13. Open taped packages.

Before you tape up a package, set a piece of string down the middle so when it’s time to open it, all you do is pull the string!


14. Open a locked car door with a slip knot.

First, tie a slip knot in the string. Hold both sides of the string and wiggle it into the car door starting at the corner that’s closest to the middle of the car.

Use a sawing back and forth motion, work the string down the car door until it’s low enough to place the loop of the slip knot over the knob of the lock. Pull both string ends to tighten the knot around the lock and pull up.


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14 Life-Changing String Hacks You Must Try