Expecting momma-to-be, first-time mom or on your fifth kid? No matter what, you’re gonna have questions.

Here are 28 baby hacks your friends really should have told you about (but probably didn’t).

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1. Keep pacifiers clean while on the go by storing them in small Tupperware containers.

Keep one in every room of the house and in your car.


2. Use a makeup brush to “paint” diaper cream on your baby instead of getting it on your hands.

Diaper cream does its job and stays put, which means it’s tough to get off of your hands. Just make sure you’re washing the brush regularly!

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3. Skip baby puffs and buy Cheerios (with coupons) instead.

I know, Cheerios aren’t marketed as baby food but they totally are. The baby puffs are expensive and overrated anyways. Buy Cheerios with a coupon for pennies on the dollar instead.


4. Use a basket to make diaper supplies portable.

You probably have so much baby stuff! Snag a basket similar to this from Dollar Tree, stock the basket with baby wipes, a few diapers and a change of clothes — just in case of a blowout. It’ll be organized and handy.


5. Check if a diaper is wet or dirty (without opening the diaper) by checking the diaper’s color line.

Most diapers are made with a yellow line in the front that turns blue when your baby is wet.

Here’s how to stock up on a year’s worth of diapers before your baby arrives!



6. Put a command hook on the back of your baby’s high chair to avoid searching for a bib.

You probably didn’t think of Command Hooks when you thought of all the baby stuff you need, but this is a serious mom hack.

Using coupons for Command Hooks is another sweet mom hack.


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7. Write a chart on the side of the medicine bottle to keep track.

Mom brain. It’s a real thing.

Use this little baby hack and you’ll never forget when you last gave your baby medicine by making a chart and taping it on the side of the bottle.


8. Lower the chance of your baby peeing on you by wiping a wet wipe across their belly before opening their diaper.

This will likely inspire your baby to pee in the diaper before you open it.


9. Pack an extra shirt for yourself in the diaper bag.

All parents know to pack extra clothes for the baby. But few think about an extra change of clothes for themselves in case your baby spits up on you…or worse. Think of it as a bag for baby stuff and mom stuff.


10. Prevent stains in the car with a fitted sheet.

Only use a thin sheet or material to prevent stains under car seats, and keep in mind that car seats are typically not tested with any fabrics underneath them.


11. Add a double layer of bedding for middle-of-the-night blowouts.

Make for an easy cleanup by layering a mattress pad with a sheet, another mattress pad and a sheet — in case an accident happens in the middle of the night.


12. Make yogurt fun to eat by freezing it in dots.

Yogurt is such an easy baby food! Fill a pastry bag or Ziploc bag (snip a corner off) with yogurt, and pipe yogurt onto wax paper and freeze.

Add food coloring for more fun!



13. Spread applesauce on a piece of cloth, roll it up, and freeze to soothe teething pains.

Then, hand the cloth to your baby and let them suck on the frozen applesauce when their gums hurt. You could use baby food in a pinch, but the sweetness of applesauce is perfect.


14. Cut a small piece off the nipple of a pacifier every time your baby uses it to wean them off.

By doing this, your baby won’t like the texture as you cut pieces off, and they will eventually not want it anymore.


15. Prevent bath toys from getting moldy by plugging the hole with hot glue.

Bath toys never fully dry on the inside, so they’re a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. This little mom hack will keep your kiddos’ toys squeaky clean during bath time.


16. Keep baby socks together in the laundry with a mesh bag.

Losing all that cute baby stuff is the worst. Keep those tiny socks together with this easy baby hack.


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17. Roll their onesie over their arms while changing their diaper.

It’s like a baby straight jacket — but better.


18. Store outgrown baby clothes in diaper boxes.

Not ready to get rid of all your baby stuff? Choose a box that coordinates with the size of clothes you’re storing, and there’ll be no need to label the boxes!


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19. Make a rice glove to “trick” your baby into thinking they are sleeping next to you.

Heat up the rice glove in the microwave and lay it next to your baby at bedtime. They will think they are lying right up next to you.


20. Cover your baby’s window with aluminum foil for a cheap blackout effect.

For the times when you need a dark room and don’t have blackout shades…here you go.


21. Never buy diapers and wipes without a coupon.

Baby stuff is expensive. We have all the diaper coupons you’ll ever need.



22. Use Bumkins bibs to avoid ever being without a clean bib.

This is the ONLY bib you’ll ever need! After feeding, wash it in your sink or with a washcloth.

They’re soft, comfortable, waterproof and dry quickly so you’ll never have to stress about not having a clean bib because you forgot to do a load of laundry.


23. Cover outlets with duct tape or Band-Aids when you’re traveling.

Going on vacation or staying with family over the weekend? Use duct tape or Band-Aids to cover outlets.

Seriously, is there anything duct tape can’t do?


24. Deodorize baby bottles with toothpaste.

Get rid of that stale-milk smell from your child’s bottles. Squirt some toothpaste in the bottle, add warm water, shake, and rinse out.

Check out our toothpaste coupons and deals to stock up.


25. Turn an empty wipes holder into a travel diaper-changing station.

Attach a small wipes package to the top of the holder with rubber bands, and store extra diapers with a change of clothes in the bottom.


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26. Keep your baby things within reach while traveling by hanging a bag with a carabiner clip from your headrest.

Their things will be within your reach, AND there will be extra space on the floor.


27. Catch crumbs under a high chair with an old shower curtain.

If it gets covered in baby food, you can just toss it in the washing machine.


28. Invest in a Kinsa Smart Thermometer.

This thermometer requires no batteries, keeps kids entertained with a game, and connects directly to your smartphone for results in seconds.

You can buy one from Amazon for $18.99.

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28 Baby Hacks Your Friends Should Have Told You About