If you’re like me, plastic animal figurines are slowly taking over your house. Put them to use by making these cute, functional jars to store all kinds of household items! This is a great way to use up empty glass jars that otherwise end up in the trash—plus, they make adorable decor for a child’s bedroom or playroom!


  • Plastic animals
  • Spray paint
  • Empty glass jar with lid (this is a perfect way to use an empty spaghetti or pickle jar!)
  • Strong glue (I recommend Krazy Glue)


  1. Clean and dry jars.
  2. Attach your animal to the lid with the glue.
  3. Spray paint and let dry.
  4. Fill jar with beads, crayons, toys, etc.
  5. Enjoy your new fantastic jar!
DIY: Animal Jars