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Free Printable Halloween Bingo Cards for a Spooky Good Time

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Halloween Bingo is the perfect fall activity for your kids or the whole family. The graphics team here at The Krazy Coupon Lady put together four free printable sets of Bingo cards that feature Halloween candy icons and emojis. Each set includes six Bingo (playing) cards and 40 unique drawing cards, except our Black & White Bingo set, which contains 24 drawing cards.

Not sure how to play Bingo? No problem, we’ve included instructions on how to play as well. The best part about playing Bingo is pretty much anyone can play, as there are no age requirements, and you can make up the rules.

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For prizes, we suggest Halloween goodies like treats or Halloween noncandy items like stickers.


How to Play Halloween Bingo

A person placing candy corn on a free printable Halloween bingo card with halloween decor in the background.

In addition to the printable Bingo set, you’ll need some Bingo markers (something to mark playing cards). We suggest using something like candy corn, Smarties, or miniature marshmallows. Each Bingo set has individual playing cards and drawing cards. Before you begin to play, there are a few steps to follow:

  • Cut out each playing and drawing card.
  • Shuffle the drawing cards and lay them out (upside down) on the table, stack them, or place the drawing cards in a basket or container.
  • Hand each player a playing card or allow players to pick their playing card(s).
  • Give players their bingo markers (candy corn), small Halloween trinkets, etc.
  • Tell players to cover the free space if it’s necessary for the game you’re calling.

To begin, the caller will announce what type of game pattern (see below) everyone’s playing. Next, the caller will pull a drawing card and tell the players what image is on it. Each player can use a piece of candy corn (or whatever markers you’ve chosen to use) to set on top of the matching square. The caller will continue to pull and announce the drawing card images until someone completes the required game pattern and yells “BINGO.” Have the player call out their images; once verified, they win a prize.

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Popular Game Patterns for Halloween Bingo

Here are a few popular game patterns you might want to try:

  • Four corners (only mark the square in each corner)
  • Diagonal (only mark those going from a bottom corner to the opposite top corner)
  • One line (mark all squares until a player has five marked squares in a straight line)
  • Postage stamp (mark the four squares in each corner until someone marks all four squares of one corner)
  • Two lines (mark all squares until a player has five marked squares in two straight lines; they can be in the same direction or opposite)
  • Letters and numbers like an X, T, H, 4, 3, 7, or 8. (mark only the necessary squares to make the letter or number)
  • Outside edge (only mark images around the entire playing card until all four edges are covered)
  • Random number of squares (the caller sets a specific number of squares, like four or five numbers, for a bingo)

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The Krazy Coupon Lady Halloween Bingo Cards

A person holding up a free printable halloween bingo card with candy corn and halloween decor in the background.

You can print off our free Bingo sets as many times as you want.


Candy Bingo Set

free candy-themed halloween bingo cards

Our full-color Halloween Candy Bingo set features squares with everyone’s favorite sweets like Skittles, KitKat, Swedish Fish, Snickers, and more.


Emojis Bingo Set

free emoji-themed halloween bingo cards

Are your kids crazy about emojis? The Emoji Halloween Bingo set includes bright yellow (The Krazy Coupon Lady yellow) custom emojis made just for this game.


Round Icons Bingo Set

free illustrated halloween bingo cards

Colorful ghouls, spiders, pumpkins, bats, and scaredy cats adorn the Round Icons Halloween Bingo set.



Black & White Icons Bingo Set

free illustrated halloween bingo cards

Similar to our Round Icons Bingo set, this Black & White Icons Halloween Bingo set has holiday images, including a ghost, witch’s hat, pumpkin, cauldron, spider, and more. When your kids are done playing with this set, you can use them for coloring pages.

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