It seems as if the homes in our neighborhood are getting just as competitive with Halloween decorations as they do with Christmas decorations!

Making the yard look spooky during the Halloween season has become a serious business in my neighborhood and throughout the country, creating an atmosphere that will wow even the most discriminating trick-or-treater!

While my neighbors have been dropping some big bucks on their Halloween decor (insert blood curdling scream here), I know better!

Halloween decorations don’t need to make your wallet scream with fright, but instead should be budget-friendly and fun to create.

With just a few milk jugs and a strand of twinkle lights, you can create a haunting ghost garland that will add Halloween charm AND light up the night for your trick-or-treaters! Here’s how:

Supply List:

  • Empty, clean plastic milk jugs (five to seven look best) Ask friends to save these for you, or your local recycling center may give them to you if you ask nicely.
  • Scissors
  • Strand of white miniature twinkle lights (Walmart sells strands of 100 for less than $3.00, or use a strand from your Christmas decorations.)
  • Black marker (Everyone has one of these in their notorious junk drawer, right?)


  1. Wash the milk jugs and remove any paper labels or stickers.
  2. Cut a hole in each side of the jug (the lights will be strung through those holes).
  3. Using a sharpie, make a spooky face on each jug.
  4. String the lights through the holes, space each jug accordingly, and then they are ready to hang!

These look just darling strung on a front porch or between trees. The light really illuminates the white plastic jugs, and they create a haunting glow!

You can make a jug to represent each person in your family, or string up lots of jugs and create an army of ghouls. Either way, neighbors are sure to notice the haunting glow coming from your yard, so don’t be surprised if they ask you to make a set for them too!

Got milk?

Thank you, Crossing the Bugger – Dixon Line!

Frightfully Frugal DIY: Halloween Milk Jug Luminaries