It’s hard to let go of all that baby stuff. We get it. Baby gear is cute and the memories attached to it are serious business.

Also, you paid a lot of friggin money for all of it.

Here are some ideas to hang on to your baby stuff so you can repurpose it — without asking your kids to sleep in their cribs forever.


1. Turn the crib into a toddler reading nook.

Just take off one side and flip it upside down. You’ll get a bonus shelf on top, too!


2. Convert an old baby wipes container into a traveling LEGO fun box.

Super-glue a LEGO base plate to the top, fill the bin with random LEGO pieces and you have a nice little busy-box for the road.

Also works as a holder for containing card games/simple board games.


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3. Change the changing table — into your new bar cart.

Replace those poopy memories with some festive ones.


4. Transform your kids’ favorite onesies into a quilt.

This is a great way to put your sewing skills to the test and save those cute outfits forever.

Get a full tutorial here.



5. Turn an old diaper box into a cute storage bin.

This is way better than paying a fortune for a new storage box. Get a step-by-step tutorial here.


6. Make a basket out of old baby blankets.

I use mine for random toys that are always everywhere. Follow these simple instructions.


7. Turn an old sleeper into a new best buddy for your child.

Via Ehow

This is a great way to hang on to your favorite sleeper. Double the memories.


8. Make a Christmas ornament out of a tiny mitten.

Attach some yarn and you have a simple keepsake ornament.


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9. Recycle glass baby food jars as crayon holders.

A little acrylic paint will create a colorful display for your toddler’s ever-growing crayon collection.


10. Turn plastic baby food containers into snack cups.

Because kids snack. A lot.



11. Save toddler snack containers to make personalized drink cups.

Use some paint and stickers and you have some great personalized party cups!


12. Reuse a crib bumper for stuffed animal storage.

Just hang them from the wall and get your stuffed animals off the floor.

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13. Make a pillow out of an old baby blanket.

You could easily sew this or even just use hem tape to keep it simple.


14. Turn a bassinet into a pet bed.

See how to hang it from a wall here, or just find a cozy spot on the floor.


15. Build a wagon with old crib parts.

It’s easier than it looks! Plus, it’s a fun way to take toddlers to and from the park when they just can’t walk anymore. Check out this tutorial to find out how.


16. Use crib parts to make a sentimental keepsake chalkboard.

Chalkboard paint and nails and your crib becomes an awesome easel chalkboard.



17. Turn your crib frame into a holder for pots and pans.

This is a great — although a little tricky — way to free up space and reuse your old crib.


18. Create a keepsake ornament out of baby’s hospital hat.

Save the hat your baby wore in the hospital, along with ID bracelets, in a clear ornament.


19. Use the top of a wipes container to make a sensory board.

Use different carpet samples for different textures. Get the tutorial here.


20. Turn your crib bumper into some handy pockets.

They’re a safety hazard anyway, so hang them below the mattress for easy storage. Get the tutorial here.


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20 Genius Ways to Reuse Baby Stuff