These Santa Grahams are fun for the kids to make and delicious to eat! You could even make them healthier by substituting yogurt for the frosting.

Santa Grahams

2 packages graham crackers – $1.20
1 bag mini marshmallows – $1
16 red gum drops or dots – $0.42
8 red licorice sticks (like Twizzlers) – $1
1 can white frosting – $1.25
32 brown mini M&M’s – $0.10


1. Break graham crackers in half. Spread frosting all over cracker.

2. Top bottom corner with marshmallows to make the mouth. Use one red gum drop for the nose and two brown M&M’s for the eyes.

3. For the hat, cut the Twizzler into graduating sizes. Spread frosting on the back to attach to cracker. Put a small drop of frosting on one more marshmallows and add to the top of the hat. Serve!

Yield: 16 crackers

Total: $4.97

Simple Santa Graham Cracker Treats