During my many garage sale and thrift store adventures, I run across a lot wine racks. Either people are getting on the wagon more often or they just buy updated wine racks. Who knows. I see wooden ones, metal ones, scrolling fancy ones and streamline modern ones.

These racks are perfect for storing your wine bottles, obviously.

There are all sorts of other uses for wine racks besides just storing wine. Here are some ideas:

  • Towel Holder: Roll hand towels and guest towels up like a jelly roll, and place them into the bottle slots. You can keep the rack on your bathroom counter. This is a beautiful way to display clean linens!
  • Magazine Rack: Roll magazines up in the same jelly roll fashion and insert them into the bottle slots. Display anywhere people read, like on a sun porch or in a family room. It is the perfect way to keep your magazines organized and easily accessible.
  • Craft Supplies: Easily slide jars of buttons or trinkets into the bottle slots where they will be easily viewable and accessible. This method is a great way to make the most of your craft space and keep all of those tiny supplies organized!
  • Display Collectibles: Other found objects such as old bottles, candleholders, etc. can all be displayed in wine racks. Experiment with colored bottles found at most crafts stores and see if you can create something amazing!

So don’t pass up that nifty wine rack at the next garage sale. Drop $1.00 as an investment into the other uses it can serve.

Thanks, The Quilted Turtle

Vino Versatile: Innovative DIY Ideas for Wine Racks