Candles add so much charm and elegance to homes. It seems I have one burning nearly every day. And because I hate to see anything go to waste, nothing gets under my skin more than when a candle burns down leaving just a little bit in the jar or just a stub at the end of a taper. Agony!

So my frugal friends, here are some really good uses for that throwaway wax:

  • Fix a Troublesome Purse Zipper.  When a purse or a jacket zipper is sticky or won’t close right, use the remains of a taper candle and rub it along the zipper. Wipe the excess off with a dry cloth. The zipper will open and close more smoothly.
  • Fix a Sticky Door Jamb. Rub the candle wax gently over a sticky door jamb. You do not have to wipe it clean. Such a simple fix!
  • Loosen up a Sticky Lock: When a key doesn’t insert properly into a lock, or it sticks when turning, coat the key with candle wax. Move the waxy key inside the lock several times. No more broken keys.
  • Magic Ink: Have children use a candle stub to write on paper. Their message is “invisible.” Pour cool coffee over the paper and watch the magic message appear. A great use for old birthday candles.
  • Make Fire Starters: Nothing makes a better fire starter than some old wax. Melt the candle bits in a double boiler or old pan. Pour into cupcake pan with liners filled with shredded paper or dryer lint.  Allow to cool. Take these babies camping and never waste matches again.

Find an old shoebox to gather those candle leftovers. With so many practical uses, you will find they are worth their weight in gold!

Waxy Wonders: Household Tips Using Leftover Candle Wax