Receipts have the power to unlock substantial rebates, and usually all you have to do is snap a photo before tossing it in the recycling bin.

I use these tricks to get paid for buying my groceries, beauty products, cleaning supplies, and even alcoholic beverages. Taking a few extra steps with my stack of receipts always pays off.


1. Earn free items and discounts with the PunchCard app.

You know how certain coffee shops offer loyalty punch cards and when you fill it up, you get one free?

Now picture the digital version for virtually anywhere you shop! That’s PunchCard.

Just take a quick photo of your receipt and earn a “punch.” Once you earn enough punches, you’ll unlock sweet deals — like a free Subway sandwich!


2. Snag coupons with your receipt at stores like Michaels and Target.

Before you toss that receipt, look at the very bottom for a coupon.

For example, Michaels often adds a 25%-off or a $5-off coupon if you take the survey.

Stores like Target will print 3-5 coupons as part of your receipt. They use a smart system that chooses coupons for you based on items you buy regularly, or that you might want to buy based on who they think you might be — a mom who might want discounted diapers, for example.


3. Collect “coins” to trade for gift cards with ReceiptHog.

Take a photo of your grocery, drugstore, dollar store, beauty supply, or convenience store receipt to earn 5-15 coins. You can trade these coins for gift cards. On average, roughly 180 receipts will get you a $10 card.

You can also score extra coins by playing the ReceiptHog Slots game, where you can win the cash amount of your last receipt, $100, or 100 coins!

Expect a $5 minimum to cash out via PayPal or Amazon.


4. Take a picture of your receipt and get cash back with rebate apps.

Taking a photo of your receipt to send into one (or many) rebate apps is one of the easiest ways to cash in. These are all legit and offer rebates ranging from $0.10 to $20!

  • Ibotta: You know we love Ibotta. Get easy grocery, beauty, and even clothing rebates on things you’re already buying. New offers are loaded every Thursday, so check it then.
  • New to the app is the ability to get cash back on certain items! Like Ibotta, just take a picture of your receipt to claim offers. You can’t stack these offers with manufacturer coupons though.
  • Checkout51: In addition to their regular grocery rebates, they have a “Choose Your Own Discount” where you can pick what you want to use the rebate on. You can use a $0.50 fruit rebate on $0.50 of bananas and get them free!
  • BerryCart: For organic lovers! You’ll be asked to write a review, read some facts, or take a one-question quiz to claim the rebate. Although you can choose to do one, we recommend doing two of those actions to get the biggest rebate.


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5. Take the quick survey listed on your receipt if it promises an instant promo code.

These surveys often appear on fast food or pizza place receipts (Pizza Hut, Popeyes, and McDonald’s have all done them). Surveys have also been known to appear on store receipts like Kohl’s or Michaels.

Basically, you take a quick 5-15 minute survey over the phone in exchange for a promo code. These promo codes can include 20% off or free food items, so they’re usually worth the time!



6. Trade ReceiptPal points for Amazon or gift cards.

Just snap a photo of your receipt (grocery, restaurant, retail) using the ReceiptPal app, or email them your digital receipts. You’ll earn 25 points per receipt, and a weekly sweepstakes entry for each receipt as well.

A $5 Amazon gift card is worth 1,550 points — that’s roughly 56 receipts after your 150 point sign-up bonus.


Bonus: If your online purchase goes on sale, Paribus collects the difference for you.

Technically Paribus doesn’t deal with paper receipts. It works in the background of your email, so you don’t have to do anything!

When Paribus detects a digital receipt in your inbox, they’ll watch for any future sales on those items. If a sale is spotted, they’ll contact the retailer on your behalf and ask for the difference in price to be given back to you. I recently got $132 back just letting Paribus work its magic.


Honesty is the best policy (except maybe store return policies with no receipt required, amirite?) so we want you to know that companies like Paribus compensate us when you sign-up using the links we provided above.

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