While some restaurants do cute things like pumpkin-shaped pizzas or spider-webbed donuts, Burger King straight up wants to creep you out this Halloween.

Earlier this week they unveiled the “Nightmare King Burger,” and we haven’t slept since.

Brace yourself.


Yep, that’s a green bun.

The first thing you’ll notice is the glazed green sesame seed bun. We’re not sure if it’s creepier than last year’s black-colored bun, but it definitely carries the eerie factor.


There’s a meat mutation inside.

Sure, there’s a quarter pound of beef inside. But there’s also a white meat crispy chicken fillet and bacon.

Chicken. . . beef. . . pork. Dude.


The scariest part? It’s pretty expensive (unless you get creative).

At my nearby Burger King the Nightmare King will run me $6.59 for just the sandwich, and $8.49 for a small combo meal.

While the Burger King app is great for getting discounts, it doesn’t include the Nightmare King. You might be better off just ordering a $5 Whopper Meal using the app discount, and adding bacon ($0.30) and a chicken patty ($1). Save two bucks.

Maybe they’ll substitute the green bun for free?

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It’s only available until Nov. 1.

The nightmare has to come to an end eventually.


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OK, We're Scared: Burger King Unleashes Green-Bun 'Nightmare'