There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that our holiday calendars are all mixed up. From super-early holiday shopping events to Prime Day in October, the season is bigger and earlier.

And we’re seeing that in stores, too, as retailers bust out Christmas decor long before Halloween.

If you’ve ever wanted to buy a giant skeleton and a Christmas tree at the same time, 2020 is your year. Here are some retailers who are double-dipping in seasonal merch:



While costumes and bulk Halloween candy are still in ample supply, Costco has put out Christmas tree displays, lights, and other yuletide accessories (online, too). And more is on the way.


Crate & Barrel

So far, no sign of Christmas making an early appearance in stores, but online Crate & Barrel is featuring Fall, Halloween and Christmas seasonal items (although Christmas is the only seasonal category highlighted on the main page).

They did promote holiday stockings in an Oct. 6 email to their mailing list.


Dollar Tree

There are plenty of Halloween-related items you can get for $1 right now, and the Halloween Lookbook circular is available until October 31.

But Dollar Tree stores have rolled out their holiday catalog and have put out a sizable selection of ornaments, lights, and greenery.


Hobby Lobby

Fall, Halloween, and Christmas items are being featured at the same time in stores, although some customers say Christmas is taking over.

Fall home, party, floral, and crafts are 40% off, and so is Christmas decor, Christmas trees/floral, and Christmas crafts. Christmas light sets and accessories are 25% off.


Home Depot

Say goodbye to the giant inflatable Halloween decorations; Home Depot is in the midst of setting up their sizable Christmas displays. There’s an indoor forest of pre-lit and artificial trees, boxes of string lights, and other accessories like projectors and fake candles.

Online, Home Depot isn’t prominently featuring Halloween or Christmas items, but both are available.




Many Lowe’s locations already have Christmas trees, inflatable holiday displays, Christmas lights, and more on shelves — not too far from the Halloween-themed inflatables and decorations.

Lowe’s has switched over their holiday decorations homepage to feature Christmas, with many items available for delivery. Shoppers can still access Halloween and Fall items.



From the looks of it on Twitter, Michaels has already transitioned into Christmas mode. Many locations have relegated the limited stock of Halloween items in store and online to a small corner of the store, and Halloween/fall items are discounted 40%.

Customers are reporting Christmas music in the stores, as well as a sizable and growing number of Christmas products. Plenty of Christmas items are available online, although Halloween and Fall are more prominently promoted there.


Rite Aid

While Rite Aid is still dedicated to Halloween via their circular ad and in-store sales, Twitter is reporting that they’ve already started putting up holiday items like lights, candles, Christmas cards, and more.

We’ve heard that in some locations, Halloween items went on clearance as early as September.



Target is already offering deals on ornaments, wreaths, stockings, and decor on their website. While they usually wait until Nov. 1 to introduce Christmas items in stores, shoppers have reported that some locations started selling decorations like Christmas lights, ornaments, and more as early as Oct. 1.

Halloween decorations and costumes are still available at Target, and in the coffee aisle pumpkin spice creamer is sitting right next to peppermint mocha creamer and eggnog.



While you’re still going to find Halloween-related decorations and more front and center when you enter a Walmart, Christmas merchandise is quietly piling up in the garden section. There aren’t any featured Christmas deals at this time.


Williams Sonoma

Christmas or Halloween? Neither. Williams-Sonoma is showcasing Thanksgiving in store right now, but Halloween, Fall, Thanksgiving, and Christmas products are all being featured online.


World Market

There’s a very limited number of Christmas items available in store, but Halloween is still alive and well at World Market. They did send a Christmas-themed email on Oct. 5, promoting “Santa’s most wanted list” of holiday best sellers.

Online, the holidays are side by side in seasonal promotions.


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