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It feels like our calendars just turned to 2023, but Easter Squishmallows are already on our radar. If you’re already out searching for Valentine’s Day Squishmallows or Pokemon Squishmallows, keep your eyes peeled for these 2023 Easter Squishmallows — they’re a great Easter basket alternative to sugar and chocolate. Many of these new characters put unique twists on existing Squishes and come in pretty pastel colors.

And if you’re completely new to the Squishmallow craze, you should know that they release rare Squishmallows for all the major holidays — like we saw with Halloween Squishmallows and Christmas Squishmallows. We typically see seasonal Squishmallows come out about one or two months in advance of the actual holiday. But we’re finding Easter Squishmallows on shelves even before the Valentine’s Day ones are out! Here are our best tips and tricks for finding Easter Squishmallows at reasonable prices.

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You can find Easter Squishmallows at dozens of stores — but be careful with third-party sellers.

Someone holding up an Easter Babette Squishmallow in Walgreens

If you’re shopping online, you’ll see a bunch of Easter Squishmallows listed on Amazon and Walmart.com. But be careful about purchasing from third-party sellers who usually try to jack up the prices on these limited-time releases (since they’re hard to get your hands on). I recommend avoiding third-party sellers and making sure the Squishmallows product listing says, “Sold and shipped by Amazon/Walmart.”

Target also has third-party sellers you’ll want to avoid, too, as the prices are usually sky-high. You’ll see them listed as “Sold and shipped by a Target Plus partner.”


Where to buy Easter Squishmallows:

For even more, here’s the full list of Squishmallows retailers.

TIP: If you’re really in desperate need of certain Easter Squishmallows and can’t find them in the stores we listed above, you can also try eBay or Mercari. But be prepared to pay well over retail prices.



As of January 2023, Easter Squishmallows are already on shelves.

Easter Squishmallows in a Walgreens shopping cart

You can already shop for Easter Squishmallows! Valentine’s Day isn’t even here yet, and yup — the Easter Squishes are out and about. Stores with 2023 Easter Squishmallows in stock include Vons, Fred Meyer, Walgreens, Learning Express, CVS, and Walmart. Select Squishmallows are available online at Walgreens, too. We expect to see Easter Squishmallows pop up at Target and Cracker Barrel soon.


You’ll recognize some familiar characters in the Easter Squad, but others are all-new.

Certain Easter Squishmallows come back year after year. You can count on always finding a few cows like Conner, Ronnie, and Bubba, axolotls like Monica and Anastasia, and Benny the Big Foot.

All Easter Squad Squishmallows feature a special bio tag that you won’t find on regular Squishmallows. The Easter-themed bio tag is pastel purple. This is new for 2023 — in prior years, the bio tag on the Easter Squishmallows was just the same standard bio tag as regular Squishmallows.

TIP: What’s a Squishmallow bio tag, you ask? The tag includes the Squishmallow’s name, their “Squishdate” (birthday), their story, personality details, what they like to do for fun, and more. Leave it attached if you want to keep your Squishmallows in mint condition!

Easter Squishmallows come in many sizes, including 4-inch mystery capsules, Flip-a-Mallows (aka reversible Squishmallows), 7-inch boxed sets, 12-inch stackables, 3.5-inch clips, and plushes from five inches all the way up to 24 inches.

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Top Easter Squishmallows for 2023 (and Where to Find Them):

Aimee the Chick

An Easter Aimee Squishmallow in a Walgreens shopping cart

Aimee has existed since 2018 in various forms and sizes, including as a Squish emerging from a pastel-striped Easter egg. Currently, she’s available as a stackable on Walgreens.com for $14.99. We also spotted her as a 14-inch with “Peepin’ It Real” on an Easter Egg on her belly at Walgreens.


Waylon the Easter Egg

Waylon is a pastel Easter egg with teal, purple, and pink colors. You can spot him in multiple sizes, including as a 14-inch at Walgreens.


Caedia the Cow

An Easter Caedia Cow Stackable Squishmallow

Cows as a whole are no strangers to the Easter Squad. But Caedia is a newbie. She’s a blue and rainbow cow available as either a 7.5-inch or 12-inch stackable. So far in 2023, shoppers have spotted the stackable Caedia at Marshalls.


Peter the Pig

An Easter Peter Pig Squishmallow

Peter the Pig is another familiar face in the Easter crew. He’s been around since 2017 and comes in a variety of options. You can spot him as a stackable, 5-inch, 7-inch, 8-inch, 11-inch, 12-inch, 13-inch, and a 16-inch. If you shop at Walgreens, you can find him as an 11-inch with flowers on his belly and also as an 11-inch stackable.


Gavyn the Donkey

An Easter Gavyn Donkey Squishmallow

A new face in the 2023 Easter lineup, Gavyn the Donkey is yellow and has been spotted as an 11-inch at Walgreens for $14.99.


Lana the Lamb

Lana is another new member of the Easter crew. She’s a tie-dyed, multicolor lamb. We found her online at Walgreens as a stackable for $14.99.


Domingo the Blue Easter Goat

Someone holding up an Easter Domingo Squishmallow in Walgreens

Domingo is new to Squishmallows. He’s a blue goat holding an Easter egg. You can find the 12-inch at Target and the 8-inch at Walgreens.

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Griella the Brown Cow

Someone putting an Easter Griella Squishmallow into a Walgreens shopping cart

Griella originally was released in 2022 with the Easter Squad. She’s available as a 7.5-inch and part of the Easter Capsules. The 2023 version of Griella has her winking and multicolor spots on her belly. So far she’s been spotted at Walgreens.

Easter Boxed Set

We see Squishmallow boxed sets often around Christmastime, but there’s a boxed set out for Easter, too. Shoppers have spotted the Easter set at Fred Meyer for $49.99, with four 7-inch Squishmallows inside (making each one only $12.50). The Easter-themed Squishmallows included are Iver the Mint Cow, Eileen the Butterfly, Bastian the Bunny, and Dallas the Leopard.


Easter Stackables

Stackable Squishmallows are the flatter, wider version of the others. They’re shaped so you can stack them on top of one another. For 2023 four Easter Stackable Squishmallows have been spotted at Walgreens for $19.99 in the 12-inch size. So far shoppers have found Lana the Lamb, Peter the Pig, Jason the Donkey, and Aimee the Chick as stackables.


Easter Capsules

Capsules are another version of Squishmallows merch we love. They’re a form of “blind bag” where you don’t know what you’re going to get until you open it. You may find the 4-inch Easter capsules at some Walgreens locations for $5.99. The capsules can include Iver the Mint Cow, Griella the Brown Cow, Eileen the Pink Butterfly, Waylon the Egg, or Pammy the Pig.


Disney Easter Squishmallows

A Minnie Mouse Easter Squishmallow in a Walgreens shopping cart

Disney + Squishmallow collaborations are not a new thing. But for Easter 2023, we’re seeing some new ones like Piglet holding an Easter Egg and Minnie Mouse also holding an Easter Egg at Walgreens for $14.99. You can purchase him online or in store. Others have found Stitch holding an Easter Egg at Walgreens too.


Sanrio Easter-Themed Squishmallows

Another collaboration we always see is Sanrio + Squishmallows. You may know Sanrio as the company that created Hello Kitty. For Easter, you can find an 8-inch Sanrio Hello Kitty + Cinnamoroll Squishmallow at CVS for $9.99. Rumor has it we’ll also see similar styles at Target and Walmart this year.

How to Hunt Down These Easter Squishmallows for Cheap in 2023