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Starting Monday Dec. 21, you’ll be able to order a Whopper (or any other Burger King menu item) for pickup or delivery right from Google Maps. Burger King has teamed up with Google to offer customers a frictionless, easy ordering experience. To promote this new partnership, customers who pay through the Google Pay app will get 20% cash back for orders over $10.

I feel like we’ll start seeing a lot of other fast food chains and even local restaurants jump on this, depending on what Google charges them on the backend. It looks like Google is attempting to compete in the food delivery space, so watch for promotions like this and note how low the delivery fees or other fees are in comparison.


I will show you how to get, how to get to “Whopper and Cash Back Street” (now I have the “Sesame Street” theme song stuck in my head):


1. Download a few Google apps to make this easier on yourself:

    1. Google Maps for Apple (now claiming to be a “Transit & Food” app!) and Android
    2. Google Pay for Apple (link your debit or credit card to the account) and Android


2. Open the Google Maps app and search “Burger King.”

3. Tap on the location near you and select “Delivery.”

4. Place your order for pickup (free) or delivery (fee is about $1. Take that, DoorDash, UberEats, and GrubHub).


5. Pay with Google Pay (send and receive $ immediately, no fee).


6. You’ve arrived at Whopper and Cash Back Street! Enjoy.

You Can Now Buy Burgers Right from Google Maps!