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Save 29% Ordering Two McDonald's Pumpkin & Creme Pies Instead of Just One

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McDonald’s pies have been a staple of the fast food chain’s menu since 1968 — which is the same year the Big Mac was introduced. The Pumpkin & Cream Pies have finally started making appearances at participating stores. The seasonal flavor will only be around for a few months.

We’ve got everything you could ever hope to know about McDonald’s pies right here — including info on the different flavors they’ve had in rotation when it isn’t pumpkin season. And there are even some McDonald’s secret menu ordering hacks you need to know. Plus, learn how you can save on every McDonald’s special — pies, fries, and more.

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NOTE: Prices will differ depending on your local McDonald’s. Check the McDonald’s app for the most accurate pricing.


McDonald’s Pumpkin & Creme Pies are starting to appear at participating McDonald’s locations.

a person on their phone while taking a bite of mcdonalds pie

For the last few months, McDonald’s has been selling the Cookies & Creme Pie at select locations. It looks like we’ll still be able to grab these limited-edition pies, but at some locations, they are offering a Pumpkin & Creme Pie instead. These pies will only be available for a limited time. We expect them to cost around $1.89 depending on your McDonald’s location.

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McDonald’s Apple Pies are available year-round for $1.89.

two mcdonalds pies sitting on a table

McDonald’s pies are more like sweet Hot Pockets — a croissant-like crust surrounding a gooey fruit interior. Most of the time, the only pie available is the always-on-the-menu apple pie for $1.89. These pies are made with a combination of Fuji, Golden Delicious, Rome, Jonagold, Ida Red, and Gala apples surrounded by a lattice crust and topped with sugar. It’s the original and still the most popular.

The apple pies have gone through a lot of transformations since their inception. In 1992 McDonald’s switched from frying the pies to baking them. They continued making recipe changes in 2016 and 2018 to make them a little bit healthier.


Save 29% when you order two McDonald’s pies instead of just one.

a person holding up a receipt and a mcdonalds pie

McDonald’s pies typically cost $1.89 each, but the chain offers a deal where you can get two pies for only $2.69 — a 28.8% discount. If there are multiple pie flavors available, you can even mix and match the pies that you want. However, you’ll only be able to do that in person since there isn’t an option to do so on the McDonald’s app.



The Pumpkin & Creme Pie is one of McDonald’s seasonal pies — only available at specific times of the year.

two mcdonalds pies stacked on top of each other on a napkin

McDonald’s offers special pies throughout the year. These pies are only available for a little over a month every time they’re released. That means you’ll have to wait a whole year if you miss out on the flavor during its annual run.

Here are the seasonal pies available within the last year:

  • Pumpkin & Creme Pie: Sept. 2023
  • Cookies & Creme Pie: July 2023
  • Strawberry & Creme Pie: March 2023
  • Blueberry & Creme Pie: Jan. 2023
  • Holiday Pie: Dec. 2022

Each pie costs the same as a regular McDonald’s pie ($1.89), but not every location will have them available. Make sure to check your local McDonald’s through the app to see if they’re selling them. But generally speaking, keep an eye out for seasonal pies around the holidays or changing seasons.


McDonald’s pies are 230 – 290 calories, depending on the pie that you get.

a person taking a bite of a pumpkin pie

The calorie count of a McDonald’s pie will differ depending on the filling that you get. Here’s the breakdown of the apple pie and different seasonal pies’ calorie counts:

  • Apple Pie: 230 calories
  • Strawberry & Creme Pie: 290 calories
  • Blueberry & Creme Pie: 260 calories
  • Pumpkin & Creme Pie: 270 calories
  • Holiday Pie: 260 calories

NOTE: Looking for more calorie counts? Check the nutrition information on the McDonald’s app. When you tap the item you want and click “Nutrition & Ingredients,” you’ll get a detailed breakdown of the item you’re looking at.


Use the McDonald’s secret menu to get a unique McFlurry flavor.

person holding mcflurry with mccafe apple pie added

There are plenty of McDonald’s secret menu hacks you should try, including the McDonald’s Apple Pie McFlurry. All you need to do is order an Apple Pie (priced at $1.89) and a McFlurry of your choice (regularly $4.39) and pound the apple pie into the McFlurry yourself.

This treat will cost you $6.28, but it’s well worth it if you’re a fan of apple pie a la mode.


McDonald’s pies rarely get discounted — check in the summer and during holidays.

a person sitting outside of mcdonalds holding up a pie

McDonald’s pies are rarely discounted, but the McDonald’s Rewards app has all of the deals at your fingertips. Typically we’ll see McDonald’s give away free or discounted pies during the McDonald’s summer deals and McDonald’s holiday deals. However, this isn’t always the case because we haven’t seen a single discount on single pies in 2023.

Here are the discounts that we’ve seen in the past:

  • July 6, 2022: Free McDonald’s Pie (reg. $1.89) with a McFlurry purchase.
  • March 24, 2022: $0.30 McDonald’s Pies (reg. $1.89) with a McFlurry purchase — an 84.1% discount.
  • Dec. 20, 2021: Free McDonald’s Pie (reg. $1.89) with a $1 purchase.
  • Jan. 21, 2021: $0.20 McDonald’s Pies (reg. $1.89) with a $1 purchase — an 89.4% discount.
  • Dec. 13 – 19, 2019: Two free McDonald’s Pies (reg. $2.89) when you purchased $15 worth of food from Uber Eats.

Make sure to keep tabs on our McDonald’s coupons page since we’ll be letting you know exactly when McDonald’s pies are discounted.


You’ll have to travel to find these international McDonald’s pies — only one U.S. location has them.

Outside the U.S., there are over 40 different McDonald’s pie flavors. Unfortunately, McDonald’s has no plans on bringing those flavors to U.S. restaurants, with one exception. If you live in Chicago, you can experience these at the McDonald’s Global Menu Restaurant.

These pies tend to rotate, so you won’t be able to experience every flavor. They also don’t always have pies available because of that rotating schedule.

Here are some of the McDonald’s pie flavors that you can’t get in the U.S.:

  • Singapore: Coconut Pie, Red Bean Pie
  • Malaysia: Corn Pie
  • Thailand: Chicken Lasagna Pie
  • Japan: Beef Stew Pie, Mango-Passionfruit Pie
  • China: Sweet Potato Pie

NOTE: You’ll also be able to experience different McDonald’s McFlurry flavors at the McDonald’s Global Menu restaurant.


The lowest priced fast-food pie is at Popeyes, but at 5% less, it’s barely cheaper than McDonald’s.

A person's hand holding a Popeyes apple pie treat above a table inside Popeyes.

Since the popularity of McDonald’s pies has grown, several other fast food restaurants have begun serving their own pies. However, only Popeyes beats McDonald’s in price. And that’s just by 5.3%.

Here’s a price breakdown of the fast food restaurant pies:

  • Popeyes: $1.79
  • McDonald’s: $1.89
  • Arby’s: $1.99
  • Burger King: $2.39
  • Jollibee: $3.29

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