Tired of being like everybody else, just ordering straight off the regular ol’ McDonald’s menu? It’s time for you to discover the wonders of the McDonald’s secret menu.

There are special items that you’ll never find on the readerboard in the drive-thru, but some key customizations will open up a whole new world of McPossibilities to you. Pair these McDonald’s Secret Menu items with our list of McDonald’s hacks, and you’ll be the ruler of the golden arches (sorry, Ronald).

How to Order from the McDonald’s Secret Menu: For most of the items on this list, you’re going to have to create them yourself by ordering some specific items. If you ask nicely, you can get the employees to create them for you, but that’ll depend on how busy the restaurant is or how agreeable the staff will be to your request.


1. Poor Man’s Big Mac: $2.49

You won’t get the extra bun in the middle when you order this — and do you really miss it? — but it tastes exactly like a Big Mac ($4.59) for more than 50% off.

  • Order a McDouble ($2.49)
  • Add lettuce and Big Mac Sauce


2. Bababooey Burger: $4.48

This secret menu item is more widely known as the “McGangBang” — yea, I know. Awful. Despite the name, this mash-up of two value menu items has been the most popular of the McDonald’s secret menu.

You can’t order this by name (and why would you?), but this is a pretty easy DIY secret menu item:

  • Order a McDouble ($2.49)
  • Order a McChicken ($1.99)
  • Place the McChicken inside the McDouble, between the two burger patties.


3. Land, Sea, and Air Burger: $10.87

If you can’t decide what kind of meat you want from McDonald’s just combine three favorites made up of various proteins to get a culinary trifecta.

  • Order a Filet-O-Fish ($4.29)
  • Order a Big Mac ($4.59)
  • Order a McChicken ($1.99)
  • Place the Filet-O-Fish and McChicken in the Big Mac. Buns included. Hope you’re hungry.


4. Big Mac Sauce “dip”: Free

Did you know you can ask for Big Mac Sauce on the side for no charge? Just ask for some on the side to go with your fries or any other menu item.

It also means you can give any burger or sandwich that Big Mac flavor.


5. Monster Mac: $8.79

Only order a Monster Mac from McDonald’s if you’re a serious Carnivore. If you’re feeling especially brave, you can also ask for a cheese slice per patty.

  • Order a Big Mac ($4.59)
  • Ask them to add eight patties ($0.70 per patty)


6. Apple Pie McFlurry: $4.88

If you’re tired of the basic McFlurry flavors, just add pie.

  • Order an Apple Pie ($1.49)
  • Order a McFlurry ($3.29)
  • Ask the employee to mix in the apple pie when they are making the McFlurry
  • If they can’t (or won’t) just pound in the apple pie yourself

Be careful if you’re making the treat because it can get messy, but this treat is well worth it.


7. Cinnamon Melt a la Mode: $3.88

The cinnamon roll at McDonald’s is one of those breakfast items that’s available all day long, but you can turn it into a legit dessert by adding some ice cream.

  • Order a McCafe Cinnamon Roll ($2.59)
  • Order a Vanilla Cone ($1.29)
  • Scoop out the soft-serve onto the hot cinnamon roll


8. Orange Creamsicle: $2.29

Be careful when making this McDonald’s secret menu item; if there’s too much liquid in the cup, it can lead to spillage.

  • Order a large Hi-C ($1.00)
  • Order a Vanilla Cone ($1.29)
  • Make sure the cup is no more than 2/3 full
  • Combine the ice cream and the drink inside the cup

Do you like orange Fanta better? Sub it out! This also works for root beer floats, Coke floats, and all other kinds of floats.



9. Coffee Milkshake: $5.09

If you’re a coffee fanatic, this McDonald’s secret menu hack might change your life. And it’s still cheaper than Starbucks frapps.

  • Order an Espresso ($1.50)
  • Order a regular Vanilla Shake ($3.59)
  • Pour the espresso over the vanilla shake and mix


10. Mc10:35 Burger: $6.79

Did you know that there is a time where you can order off the breakfast and the lunch menu at McDonald’s? Each location is different, but it’ll be right around 10:30, hence the Mc10:35 burger. If you hit this magic moment, take full advantage of it.

  • Order an Egg McMuffin ($4.29)
  • Order a McDouble ($2.49)
  • Replace the buns of the McDouble with the McMuffin’s buns
  • Place the Egg McMuffin insides between the McDouble’s two meat patties.


11. McDonald’s Milk Tea: $1.00

If you’re like me, you have milk tea at least once a week. At $5 per drink (at least), that’s not a cheap treat. A McDonald’s Milk Tea is a great alternative that’s WAY cheaper. Plus it tastes just like the real thing. Seriously.

  • Order a Sweet Tea ($1.00)
  • Ask for 3-7 coffee creamers (free)
  • Mix the desired number of creamers into your tea


12. Ice Cream Sandwich: $2.68

Nothing is more refreshing than an Ice Cream Sandwich, and with the McDonald’s secret menu, you can get one for less than $3.

  • Order an Ice Cream Cone ($1.29)
  • Order 3 Chocolate Chip Cookies ($1.39)
  • Put the ice cream in between two of the cookies

The third cookie is a bonus, because it’s actually cheaper to buy 3 cookies instead of 2 ($1.89 vs. $1.39).


13. Caramel Apple Sundae: $2.98

A Caramel Apple Sundae from McDonald’s will take some work from your end, but to be able to eat something that tastes like a caramel apple covered in ice cream is worth the effort…

  • Order Apple Slices ($0.99)
  • Order a regular Hot Caramel Sundae ($1.99)
  • Cut the apple slices down to the desired size
  • Put the apple slices in your Hot Caramel Sundae


14. Grilled Cheese: $1.79

If you’re a vegetarian and have a hankering for a sandwich, a grilled cheese from the McDonald’s secret menu is your best bet.

  • Order a Cheeseburger ($1.79)
  • Ask for no meat on your burger


15. Chicken and ‘Waffles’: $2.19

Mixing fried chicken and waffles used to be something people thought was weird, but now this dish is super popular, and you can make your own version of it with a Chicken McGriddle and a couple of contrasting sauces.

This is only available on the breakfast menu, so be sure to pick it up before 10:30 a.m.

  • Order a Chicken McGriddle ($2.19)
  • Ask for Maple Syrup and Buffalo Sauce on the side
  • Pour the sauces into your Chicken McGriddle


16. The Neapolitan Shake: $8.97

This drink is best shared with a friend because you’ll have to order three different shakes to make this secret menu item.

  • Order a small Vanilla Shake ($2.99)
  • Order a small Chocolate Shake ($2.99)
  • Order a Small Strawberry Shake ($2.99)
  • Ask for an empty medium cup (or two)
  • Pour half of each shake into the medium cup



17. Snickers Coffee: $4.39

If you ever wanted a coffee drink to taste like a Snickers here’s your chance.

  • Order an Iced Hazelnut Coffee ($1.69)
  • Add 2 pumps Caramel Drizzle ($0.60)
  • Add 1 pump Chocolate Syrup ($0.30)
  • Add 1pump Chocolate Caramel Syrup ($0.30)
  • Topped with lots of Whipped Cream ($1.50)


18. Big McChicken: $10.56

A Big Mcchicken will satisfy the inner carnivore by giving you not two, not three, but five patties on one burger.

  • Order a Big Mac ($4.59)
  • Order three McChickens ($1.99 each)
  • Replace all the buns in the Big Mac with the chicken patties from the McChickens


19. Shamrock Iced Coffee: $2.59

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You can only get this item when the Shamrock items are out, but this one is definitely worth a try if you wanted something different from your iced coffee.

  • Order an Iced Coffee ($2.29)
  • Add 1-2 pumps of Mint Mocha Syrup ($0.30-$0.60)


20. McLeprechaun Shake: $5.98

Again, this is only available while the Shamrock Shake is out, but this will get you a great mint-chocolate shake.

  • Order a small Chocolate Shake ($2.99)
  • Order a small Shamrock Shake ($2.99)
  • Ask for a medium cup
  • Add a 1:1 ratio of Chocolate Shake and Shamrock Shake


21. McDonald’s Cake: $9.00

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It’s like a real sheet cake. And while not every location carries this item, there’s PLENTY of evidence on social media to suggest that lots of places have it. Be sure to call ahead to see if your McDonald’s has cakes.


Bonus: Depending on where you are in the country, your region has special secret menu items.

Some McDonald’s are just born to be greater than others. Depending on where McDonald’s is, there are several regional items that are on every foodie’s bucket list.

  • Southern states: Biscuits and Gravy
  • New England: McLobster (lobster roll on a bun)
  • Canada: Poutine (fries covered in gravy and cheese)
  • Hawaii: Spam Musubi (Spam and rice)
  • Downey, CA: Fried Apple Pie
  • Hawaii: Saimin Ramen (a type of Japanese Ramen)
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