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What Is the Best-Selling Item on the McDonald's Menu? You Might Be Surprised

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The McDonald’s menu has around 145 items depending on the season. And that means that you’re always able to change up your order whenever you visit — especially once you add customizations like the McDonald’s secret menu. But what is the best-selling item on the McDonald’s menu?

Even though there’s a fair amount of variety available at Mickey D’s, chances are, you have some trusty go-to’s that always end up part of your McDonald’s order. Is your favorite one of the most popular?

OK, without further ado — here’s the best-selling item on the McDonald’s menu:

Before you check out the most popular McDonald’s items, you should check out all the McDonald’s specials and deals you can use to save money.


Most Popular McDonald’s Burger: Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, $6.69

McDonald's Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese

We know, we know. We thought it was going to be the Big Mac, too. While the McDonald’s Big Mac (priced at $4.79) is a classic that’s hard to beat, there’s a reason why the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese beats the Big Mac.

The Big Mac’s price-to-meat ratio is only $1.50/ounce, while the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese is $0.84/ounce. Plus, the meat in a Big Mac weighs 3.2 ounces, while the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese weighs 8 ounces. So not only are you getting more meat, you’ll be getting it for a 44% difference.

If you’re missing the signature Big Mac Sauce that usually comes with a Big Mac, you can always ask for it on the side for no additional charge.

Honorable Mentions: Big Mac (regularly $4.79), Double Cheeseburger (regularly $3.49)


Most Popular McDonald’s Side: Medium Fries, $2.99

woman pulling fries out of mcdonalds bag

McDonald’s fries complement almost every McDonald’s meal, so it’s no wonder Free Fry Day promos and regular discounts through the McDonald’s Rewards program are so popular.

Honorable Mentions: Apple Slices (regularly $1.19), 4-Piece McNuggets (regularly $1.89)

TIP: If you’re looking to get fresh fries every time you head to McDonald’s, make sure to ask for your fries with no salt. It’s one of the ways to hack restaurants to get the freshest food.


Most Popular McDonald’s Breakfast Item: Bacon, Egg & Cheese McGriddle, $4.59

mcdonalds cinnamon roll, mcgriddle, hashbrown, and coffee breakfast on wrapper with bag

Waking up in the morning for McDonald’s breakfast gives you access to exclusive menu items that they only sell in the morning, like biscuits, hash browns, and hotcakes.

But believe it or not, their most popular breakfast menu items are the McGriddle sandwiches. A McGriddle is a maple-flavored pancake that is used as the bun for McDonald’s signature breakfast sandwiches. Out of the five McGriddle sandwiches, the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese McGriddle is the most popular.

Honorable Mentions: Hash browns (regularly $2.09), Hotcakes (regularly $4.29)

TIP: Ask for a side of Maple Syrup when you get it to bring out the maple flavor in the McGriddle. It works best with the Chicken McGriddle since you can emulate chicken and waffles.



Most Popular McDonald’s Happy Meal: 6-Piece Chicken McNugget Happy Meal, $4.79

two mcdonalds happy meals on table with drinks

Although the McDonald’s Adult Happy Meal was a smash hit, there’s nothing stopping you from ordering a standard Happy Meal, no matter your age. There are three different kinds of happy meals, but the 6-Piece Chicken McNugget Happy Meal is the most popular Happy Meal (beating the Hamburger and 4-Piece Chicken McNugget Happy Meals).

McNuggets are one of the most popular menu items, and you’ll get just the right amount of nuggets with this Happy Meal.

Honorable Mentions: Hamburger Happy Meal (regularly $4.09), 4-Piece Chicken McNugget Happy Meal (regularly $4.49)


Most Popular McDonald’s Dessert: McFlurry, $3.89

person eating mcdoalds mcflurry

There are plenty of desserts on the McDonald’s menu. Frappuccinos, pies, ice cream, and more are available at your local McDonald’s year-round. There are even exclusive, seasonal items like the Shamrock Shake and the Holiday Pies. But one of the best McDonald’s desserts (if the ice cream machine isn’t broken) is the McFlurry.

A McFlurry is a soft-serve ice cream blended with a topping of your choice. The ice cream comes out a little fluffier due to the mixing of the treat, but if you don’t mind the thickness of regular ice cream, you can always get McFlurry toppings added to a sundae order.

McFlurry toppings cost up to $0.60, so a sundae with toppings will cost you $2.89 — that’s a 17.2% discount on your order. It’s one of the best McDonald’s hacks that’ll save you on your order every time.

Honorable Mentions: Apple Pie (regularly $1.79), Cookie (regularly $0.99)


Most Popular McDonald’s Menu Item Overall: Medium Fries, $2.99

A close-up of a box of McDonald's fries lying on a McDonald's bag.

The most popular menu item at McDonald’s isn’t a burger, breakfast item, or dessert — it’s the fries. And it’s no wonder; McD’s consistently finds themselves at the top of french fry rankings year after year. And there are lots of ways to get free and cheap fries. The medium size is the most popular portion, but fries come in small and large sizes, too.


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