We love food. But we love free food even more.

Here are our top 15 restaurant hacks of all time so you can get all the food freebies and discounts at your favorite food joints:


1. Get birthday freebies from all your favorite restaurants.

What’s your favorite restaurant to treat yourself on your birthday? Red Robin, Ben & Jerry’s or IHOP?

Here’s the ultimate list of birthday freebies from all your favorite food joints — including free wings from Buffalo Wild Wings, free steak dinner at Black Angus Steakhouse or free dessert from Chili’s.


2. Never pay for your kids to eat out.

Plan the nights you eat out based on which restaurants are having “Kids Eat Free” day!

For example, eat at Applebee’s on Tuesday, Baja Fresh on Saturday, Dickey’s on Sunday or Cafe Rio any day of the week to get free food for your kids.


3. Visit restaurants in your Halloween costume on Halloween to score free food.

Krispy Kreme will give anyone dressed in costume a free donut on Halloween.

Kids dressed in costumes eat free at Old Country Buffet or they’ll get a free buffet pass at Cici’s. And don’t forget Chipotle’s famous Boo-rito for costumed customers!

Here’s our full list of 21 food freebies on Halloween.


4. Get high-value coupons with the Red Robin app, plus free birthday burgers.

You should never pay full price at Red Robin. Their app offers discounts like 15% off your order, or 35% off your to-go order.

The coupons change about every two weeks, but you can use them daily until the coupon expires.

Also make sure everyone in your household signs up for a free birthday burger!



5. Get more meat by choosing two proteins at no extra cost when you visit Chipotle.

You’ll pay the price of the more expensive protein, but you’ll get two types of protein for less.

Each portion typically turns into 3/4 of a serving each, which means 50% more meat in your burrito!

Also get freebies when you sign up for Chipotle texts, and get free guacamole when you say “no” to meat.

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6. Get the same amount of espresso in your Starbucks Venti by ordering a Grande instead.

When you order a Venti or a Grande espresso-based beverage at Starbucks, they both come with two shots of espresso.

So save yourself $0.30 (or more) by ordering a Grande instead of the Venti.

Also ask for “light ice” in your iced beverage to leave more room in your cup for the actual beverage!


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7. Save up to $0.37 per wing at Buffalo Wild Wings when you order the Party size.

At Buffalo Wild Wings, your value increases with the size of your order. Here’s the breakdown:

Boneless wings:

  • Snack: $1.26 per wing (7 wings)
  • Small: $1.10 per wing (10 wings)
  • Medium: $1.03 per wing (15 wings)
  • Large: $0.99 per wing (20 wings)
  • Party: $0.89 per wing (50 wings)

Bone-in wings:

  • Snack: $1.40 per wing (5 wings)
  • Small: $1.29 per wing (9 wings)
  • Medium: $1.18 per wing (15 wings)
  • Large: $1.14 per wing (20 wings)
  • Party: $1.08 per wing (50 wings)

Pro Tip: Most locations have a BOGO wing order deal on Tuesdays. Which means you could get two Party size orders for about $0.45 per boneless wing — AKA the best deal ever.

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8. Enjoy a free pastry or sweet when you sign up for Panera Rewards.

Sign up for Panera Rewards to get a free pastry or sweet on the spot!

Also quit spending $1.30 for a single serving of cream cheese and take home a whole tub instead for $2.99.

Find out how to get more freebies with our Panera hacks.



9. Get 10% off McDonald’s when you pay with a discounted gift card from Raise.

First, use a discounted gift card from Raise to save an instant 10% at McDonald’s.

Then stack that 10% discount with higher-value discounts and freebies when you sign up for McDonald’s email.

Want more? Download McDonald’s app to get the “buy five, get one free” deal on all your favorite McCafe beverages.


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10. Sign up for Subway Rewards to get $2 off when you spend $50.

Instead of handing out free subs, Subway Rewards now gives customers $2 off when they spend $50.

You can also save 25% by splitting a foot-long sandwich between two people instead of ordering one six-inch for each of you.

Just tell the sandwich artist that you want different toppings on each side!

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11. Get a free birthday entree at Applebee’s by joining Applebee’s Email Club.

The free birthday entree coupon is good for 30 days and definitely worth signing up for.

Also look for monthly drink specials like $1 margaritas or $2 beers.

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12. Save $10 when you order a large three-topping pizza instead of the Honolulu Hawaiian at Domino’s.

Technically, Domino’s Honolulu Hawaiian pizza also has roasted red pepper and provolone.

But if you carry-out a large three-topping pizza with ham, pineapple and bacon, you’ll get basically the same thing for $10 cheaper.



13. Customize your order at Taco Bell to get what you want for 50% less.

Look for ways to order exactly what you want, but for less.

For example, if you want a Meximelt (regular price, $2.49)

Instead, order a Beefy Mini Quesadilla and add:

  • Chipotle Sauce
  • Pico de Gallo

Final price: $1.25, 50% savings


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14. Get your fries “unsalted” to ensure they’re fresh at Wendy’s.

Then, just head over to the condiments table to grab salt and add it yourself. Don’t miss all our Wendy’s hacks!


15. Kids eat free at IHOP between 4-10 p.m.

Check your local IHOP to see if they participate in this daily freebie for kids.

Some IHOP locations only offer kids-eat-free deals on certain days of the week.


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15 Best Restaurant Hacks of All Time