Free meals, around-the-clock online ordering and real eggs are just the start.

Save money and hack the menu on your next Denny’s dash.


1. Order online 24/7 and pick up your food within 20 minutes for free.

Denny’s is open all day, every day — even holidays. And you can order online and pick up your food within 20-30 minutes for free.


2. Get Denny’s delivered to your house any time of day or night.

When Denny’s launched Denny’s on Demand in 2017, they promised half of their restaurants could deliver to homes 24/7. Yes, even pancakes. Yes, even at 2 a.m. on a Sunday.

But if your Denny’s location doesn’t deliver, other third-party delivery services might — and depending on promotions, may be able to do it cheaper than Denny’s on Demand.

I’m including UberEats and Amazon Restaurants as a reminder to check them, but they’re not available yet in most cities.

  • DoorDash: $3.99 delivery fee
  • Postmates: $5.99 delivery fee
  • Amazon Restaurants
  • UberEats

TIP: Look for third-party delivery promotions like “$1.00 delivery fees for one month” or “First order free.”


3. Get 20% off your first order when you join Denny’s Rewards.

With Denny’s Rewards, you won’t earn points that you can cash in for items at the restaurant like other loyalty programs. Instead, you’ll receive regular emails or text alerts about deals like “$5.99 Super Slam, plus free delivery.”


4. Get a free Build-Your-Own Grand Slam on your birthday.

A free meal is another perk of Denny’s Rewards. Bring your ID with you because Denny’s has been known to hand out the freebie without checking whether you’re a rewards member or not. You just need to prove it’s your birthday.



5. Ask your server for real eggs in your omelet.

Your server might refer to them as “shell eggs” or eggs “cracked on the grill.” But the gist is that instead of powdered or liquid eggs in your omelet, you’ll get actual eggs freshly cracked for no extra charge.


6. Employees get half-off meals during their shifts; managers get free shift meals.

There are tons of employee perks for full-timers — like dental, health, vision, life insurance and 401(k) options.

Plus, regular employees get 50% off one meal during their shift. Managers get one free meal every shift.


7. The Everyday Value Slam really is the best value of all the Slams.

All of the Slam breakfast combo meals will cost you less than it would be to buy each item separately — that’s a no-brainer.

But savings and value vary depending on the Slam. Here are each of the meals from most to least amount of savings:

Everyday Value Slam: $4.49

2 pancakes, 2 eggs, 2 pieces bacon or sausage

Cost of items separately: $9.57

53% savings

Super Slam: $5.99

2 pancakes, 2 eggs, 2 bacon strips, 2 sausage links, hash browns

Cost to buy items separately: $12.36

51% savings

Lumberjack Slam: $11.59

2 pancakes, a slice of ham, 2 bacon strips, 2 sausage links and 2 eggs, hash browns and 2 slices toast

Cost to buy items separately: $20.54

44% savings

All-American Slam: $11.19

3 scrambled eggs with cheese, 2 bacon strips, 2 sausage links, hash browns, and 2 slices toast
Cost to buy items separately: $17.43

36% savings

Build-Your-Own Grand Slam: $7.99

2 pancakes, 2 eggs, 2 bacon strips, 2 sausage links

Cost to buy items separately: $11.37

30% savings

French Toast Slam: $9.99

2 French toast, 2 eggs, 2 bacon strips, 2 sausage links

Cost to buy items separately: $14.35

30% savings

Belgian Waffle Slam: $10.29

Belgian waffle, 2 eggs, 2 bacon strips, 2 sausage links

Cost to buy items separately: $14.37

29% savings


8. Or split a Slam for no extra cost and pay as little as $2.25 per person.

Order a smaller slam like the Everyday Value (two each — pancakes, eggs and bacon or sausage) and feed two people for $2.25 each!

If you need more food than that, order a larger Slam meal. Even the Lumberjack Slam, which is the most expensive Slam, will only be $5.80 per person, which is less than the cost of a Super Slam ($5.99).


9. Seniors (55+) with an AARP membership get 15% off.

Bring your AARP card for 15% off if you’re over 55 years young. But also, check out the 55+ menu, which offers smaller portions for less money — you can save up to two dollars on the regular price (no AARP card needed).


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10. On a diet? Ask for steamed zucchini and squash on the side instead of fries.

You won’t pay extra and you’ll only consume 15 calories eating this side dish — compared to 400 calories for a side of fries.



11. Up to two kids can eat free with the purchase of two adult entrees on select days.

On a “Kids Eat Free” day at Denny’s, you only have to spend $6.00 on your entree (plus drink) to get a free meal for one of your kids. Basically, you can get one free meal per one paying adult up to two kids.

Check with your local Denny’s to find out which day of the week they offer this perk!


12. Ask for a french toast grilled cheese sandwich — no extra charge.

This is the perfect solution for a situation where you can’t decide between salty and sweet.


13. Get free refills on everything but smoothies and milkshakes.

Lemonade, coffee, tea, you name it. It’s all got a free refill attached unless it’s a smoothie or a milkshake.


14. Donate $1 and you’ll feed 10 hungry kids.

Denny’s has partnered with No Kid Hungry to try and feed low-income children healthy meals.

Every dollar you donate can feed up to 10 kids who don’t get three meals a day — statistics say that’s 1 in 6 American kids.

Donate online.


15. Check RetailMeNot for a coupon before you eat at Denny’s.

For the most part, when you visit RetailMeNot, you’ll see whatever current offers are on Denny’s site, but every now and then you can find a printable coupon like “$5 off a $20 order.”


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16. Get married in Denny’s chapel in Las Vegas for only $199 (pancake wedding cake included).

It’s true. You can get married in the iconic Denny’s chapel in Las Vegas, and it’s a steal. For $199 here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Use of the Chapel and an officiant
  • Use of the Photo Booth
  • Silk Presentation Bouquet & Boutonniere
  • Wedding Pancake Puppies Cake (pancake balls stacked up to resemble a wedding cake)
  • Champagne Toast
  • Two Wedding T-Shirts
  • Two Original Grand Slams



17. During the holidays, get $50 in coupons when you buy a $25 gift card.

This promotion usually runs through Christmas Day. You’ll receive a pile of different coupons, and you need to redeem them all in order to realize the $50 savings.


18. Buy a discounted Denny’s gift card to save at least 5% the rest of the year.

If you can save 5-10% buying a discounted Denny’s gift card from Gift Card Granny, it’s an easy win.


19. Add bacon to literally anything on the menu.

You can ask them to add bacon to your hash browns, your eggs or your milkshake. However weird you’re feeling about your bacon, Denny’s is prepared to make it happen. You’ll pay the cost of a side of bacon in order to create your masterpiece.


20. Veterans get a free Grand Slam breakfast the day after Veterans Day.

Active, retired and non-active veterans can get a free breakfast from 5 a.m. to noon the day after Veterans Day. Just bring your military ID or DD-214!


21. Download the Denny’s app, place an order, and then reorder through Alexa.

Because, how cool is it to ask Alexa to reorder your pancakes?

Otherwise, the app serves the same purpose as the website in general. You can place online orders for pickup or delivery.


22. Check out Denny’s Twitter account if you need a pick-me-up.

Denny’s Twitter account doesn’t take itself seriously, and it’s totally worth scrolling through on a day when you have the Monday blues.


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