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All-You-Can-Eat Wings at Buffalo Wild Wings for $19.99 (Every Mon. & Wed.)

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It doesn’t matter if you’re on Team Traditional or Team Boneless. When it comes to Buffalo Wild Wings specials and deals, there’s plenty to chew on.

I bet you didn’t know that you can earn Blazin’ Rewards points that translate into free wings — sometimes without even spending a dime?

We’ll tell you all about how to maximize the rewards, as well as how to get Buffalo Wild Wings coupons and how to get their sauce in your kitchen.

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Limited-Time Buffalo Wild Wings Deals

  • Get six free wings (traditional or boneless) when you purchase $10+ for takeout or delivery and use the promo code GOWINGS at checkout.

  • Every Monday and Wednesday, you can enjoy All You Can Eat Boneless Wings and fries for $19.99 at your local Buffalo Wild Wings. The offer is available for dine-in only.

  • Through May 31, Buffalo Wild Wings rewards members can earn 2x rewards on takeout or delivery orders of $10 or more.

1. Download the Blazin’ Rewards app to get free food and drinks.

A person holding their iPhone with the Buffalo Wild Wings mobile app open to the Rewards Roster page; the list shows the user's redeemabl...

Get 100 Blazin’ Rewards points for every $10 you spend on food or drinks when you download the Blazin’ Rewards app.

Everything on the Buffalo Wild Wings menu can be redeemed on the Blazin’ Rewards program:

  • Loaded Ice Cream for 350 points ($35 spent)

  • Kids Meal for 750 points ($75 spent)

  • Mozzarella Sticks for 800 points ($80 spent)

  • Chocolate Fudge Cake for 800 points ($80 spent)

  • Beer Battered Onion Rings for 950 points ($95 spent)

  • 6-piece boneless wings for 1,100 points ($110 spent)

  • Chicken Caesar Salad for 1,350 points ($135 spent)

  • Street Tacos for 1,300 points ($130 spent)

  • 6-piece traditional wings for 1,300 points ($125 spent)

  • Southern Chicken Sandwich for 1,450 points ($145 spent)

After you download the Blazin’ Rewards app to your phone, scan the QR code on your receipt to start earning rewards.

2. Earn 50 Blazin’ Rewards Points just for naming your favorite sports team.

A person holding their phone center-frame with the Buffalo Wild Wings app open to a survey used to gauge the user's interests. The survey...

When you sign up for Blazin’ Rewards, you’re asked to fill out a brief survey about your interests.

Earn your first 50 reward points in the app by selecting your favorite team — no purchase required!

3. Find the best Buffalo Wild Wings coupons in the Blazin’ Rewards app.

An iPhone sitting on top of a menu on a table, open to the Buffalo Wild Wings app's Offer page. The page shows a 25% off deal that can be...

Once your Blazin’ Rewards profile is complete and you begin earning points, you’ll start receiving exclusive members-only offers every few months in your email and app like “25% off an order of medium or large boneless or traditional wings” or “50% off your entire order.”

These coupons won’t work with any other deal, and you won’t be able to stack them either.

4. The Buffalo Wild Wings Thursday Special is always BOGO boneless wings.

Two baskets of Buffalo Wild Wings boneless wings sitting next to each other.

If you’re gonna pick a day of the week to visit B-Dubs, Thursday is that day.

Boneless wings are Buy One, Get One Free — no matter how many you order. Although you can’t buy any of the party platters with this deal, you don’t need them; instead of spending $59.49 for a 50-wing Boneless Party order, on Thursdays you can get two 30-piece orders (60 wings) for just $35.99. That's almost $24 in savings + an extra 10 wings!

5. The Buffalo Wild Wings Tuesday deal gets you BOGO 50% off bone-in wings.

Dry rub seasoning on traditional buffalo wings next to ranch on a platter.

On Tuesdays, Buffalo Wild Wings makes all of their traditional bone-in wings Buy One, Get One 50% off. This deal used to be BOGO Free for traditional wings, but in the wake of chicken price increases, they’ve adjusted to BOGO 50% off.

Luckily, we have the best chicken coupons so you can still get your chicken on the cheap.

6. Find Buffalo Wild Wings limited-time deals on their promo page.

A person holding their iPhone up showing the Buffalo Wild Wings app open to the promotional page.

We love Monday restaurant deals — but sadly, Buffalo Wild Wings doesn’t have any. Nor do they have Wednesday or Friday deals, either (unless your local B-Dubs has specials specific to that location).

But what Buffalo Wild Wings DOES have are rotating specials. Check out the Buffalo Wild Wings promos page to find all deals. For example, the B-Dubs by my house offers select beers for $3 and discounts when you wear local teams’ merchandise.

7. Get free 6-piece wings on your birthday (with purchase) at Buffalo Wild Wings.

A free Birthday snack size plater of boneless buffalo wings with a plastic Happy Birthday tag on top of it.

When you enter your birthdate in the Blazin’ Rewards app, you’ll get an email offer for free 6-piece wings (reg. $9.99) on your birthday when you make a $10 purchase.

Plus, those aren’t the only deals and freebies that you can get on your birthday.

8. Get 10 rewards points every time you visit B-Dubs.

A person holding their iPhone up showing the check-in page of the Buffalo Wild Wings mobile app in front of a Buffalo Wild Wings storefro...

You’ll get 10 points every time you “check in” to a Buffalo Wild Wings near you.

9. Earn points by playing BWW bar trivia in person.

Every Wednesday you can go to your local B-Dubs location for in-person trivia. If you win, you can earn prizes such as Blazin’ Rewards points and free wings. Prizes vary by location, so call the “Buffalo Wild Wings near me” to find out what they are offering.

10. Buy Buffalo Wild Wings sauces at Walmart; they’re cheaper than at the restaurant.

Walmart sells the Parmesan Garlic, Southwestern Ranch, Spicy Garlic, Honey BBQ, Mango Haberno, and Asian Zing Buffalo Wild Wings sauces for about $1 cheaper than buying the same bottles at the restaurant.

12-ounce Buffalo Wild Wings sauce

  • Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant: $4.79 per bottle

  • Walmart: $3.68 per bottle

11. For DIY B-Dubs wings, add the sauce to Chick-fil-A Chick-n-Strips to save $2.90.

A person putting Buffalo Wild Wings sauce on top of some chicken tenders in a Chick-fil-A box.

OK, yes, nuggets are not “wings” — I mean, neither are B-Dubs’ boneless wings — but if you want to know how to save money and satisfy your Buffalo Wild Wings craving, this is the best way.

Once you’ve bought the BWW sauce from Walmart, hit the Chick-fil-A drive-thru and get a 4-piece Chick-n-Strips for $7.09. Drench them in the sauce when you get home.

Four Chick-fil-A Chick-n-Strips are roughly equivalent to a 6-piece portion of boneless wings at Buffalo Wild Wings (reg. $9.99).

12. Take the Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin’ Challenge to get 1,000 Blazin’ Rewards points and serious street cred.

A woman sitting in a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant with her fingers covered in buffalo sauce over an empty platter. There is a cup of wat...

The Blazin’ Wings Challenge is one of our favorite food challenges to get your meal for free — and it’s also the most widespread. The challenge isn’t available everywhere, because B-Dubs restaurants are franchises and locally owned, but most restaurants offer it. If yours does, just show up at the restaurant and ask them to bring on the pain. (And sign their liability waiver.)

If you can eat 10 Carolina Reaper wings — which are 100 times as spicy as jalapeños — in under five minutes, you will be handsomely rewarded. You’ll win 1,000 Blazin’ Rewards points (a $100 value), your name on select Buffalo Wild Wings TV screens, and your picture will be on a “Blazin’ Challenge Wall of Fame.”

13. Save up to $0.48 per wing when you order party size Boneless Wings.


If you’re not feeding a crowd, you may not need 100 – 150 wings. But at B-Dubs, it is the best value for your money. You’ll pay just $1.19 per boneless wing when you buy “Party” size (100 or 150 count), and you’ll pay $1.67 per wing when you buy 6 count wings.

Runner-up for best value is the 30-wing ($1.20 per wing) or 50-wing ($1.19 per wing) options.

Boneless Wings

  • 6 wings: $1.67 per wing ($9.99 total)

  • 10 wings: $1.35 per wing ($13.49 total)

  • 15 wings: $1.27 per wing ($18.99 total)

  • 20 wings: $1.22 per wing ($24.49 total)

  • 30 wings: $1.20 per wing ($35.99 total)

  • Party (50 wings, serves 7): $1.19 per wing ($59.49 total)

  • Party (100 wings – serves 14): $1.19 per wing ($118.99 total)

  • Party (150 wings – serves 21): $1.19 per wing ($177.99 total)

Traditional Wings

  • 6 wings: $1.92 per wing ($11.49 total)

  • 10 wings: $1.65 per wing ($16.49 total)

  • 15 wings: $1.53 per wing ($22.99 total)

  • 20 wings: $1.45 per wing ($28.99 total)

  • 30 wings: $1.38 per wing ($41.49 total)

  • Party (50 wings, serves 7): $1.38 per wing ($68.99 total)

  • Party (100 wings, serves 14): $1.37 per wing ($136.99 total)

  • Party (150 wings, serves 21): $1.37 per wing ($204.99 total)

The average person eats around 7 wings per sitting. If you want to save, but can’t eat that many wings, order the Party size and stick them in the freezer.

14. Get a free Buffalo Wild Wings bonus card during gift card promotions.

Someone holding two Buffalo Wild Wings gift cards in front of the Gift Card stand inside Buffalo Wild Wings.

B-Dubs runs free gift card promotions for events such as the Super Bowl or for the holiday season. For example, during the holidays, you can get a free $5 gift card for every $25 e-gift card you buy. That’s an extra 20% back in free money.

Discover more of the places that give you free gift cards with purchase.

15. Use Uber Eats for cheapest Buffalo Wild Wings delivery.

A person holding up their phone which has the Buffalo Wild Wings mobile app open showing the menu.

In my area, Uber Eats had the cheapest delivery fee out of all the delivery food apps. Here’s how it broke down for each:

We also know all the best DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub hacks that you should know before you place your order.

16. Save an extra 6% when you pay with a discounted gift card from Raise.

A person placing a Buffalo Wild Wings gift card onto a receipt in a checkout book.

When you pay with a discounted Buffalo Wild Wings gift card from Raise.com, it’s like getting up to 6% savings off the top. You’ll buy a gift card for less than its loaded value and use it like a normal, regular-value gift card — and because it’s digital, you can use it right away.

TIP: You can also get a 5% discount on Buffalo Wild Wings gift cards when you purchase them from Target using your Target RedCard.

17. Buffalo Wild Wings employees get 50% off meals.

A bright yellow sign affixed to the fence outside of Buffalo Wild Wings which reads

If you really want cheap wings all the time, get a job at your Buffalo Wild Wings. Employees get 50% off while on the clock, and 25% off the rest of the time. Managers get one free meal per shift. These discounts won’t stack with other deals, like the Thursday BOGO Boneless deal.

18. Get 10% off your Buffalo Wild Wings order with a military ID.

person putting their fork into buffalo wild wings boneless wings.

Some Buffalo Wild Wings have a 10% military discount that you can use if you have your military ID. Not every B-Dubs has this discount, so make sure that your local Buffalo Wild Wings honors this before you go.

If you’re looking for more ways to get discounts using your military ID, we know all the ways you can get discounts and freebies.

Unfortunately, Buffalo Wild Wings does not have a teachers, student, or senior discount, but we also know all the best ways you can get freebies and discounts.

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