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The Best Sonic Secret Menu Items & Menu Hacks to Save Money

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If you’re hungry and in the mood for some American classics, you might wanna hit up a Sonic Drive-In for some hot dogs, onion rings, and slushes. If you’re wanting to make your fast food run even more special and save some dough, we’ve rounded up our favorite Sonic secret menu items and sonic menu hacks.

Here’s how to get all-day Sonic Happy Hour, get Sonic coupons for free drinks and food, and order some off-the-wall Sonic secret menu items.

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Sonic Secret Menu Foods

Try the Sonic secret menu grilled ham and cheese.

A close up of a Sonic grilled cheese sandwich

To get the Sonic secret menu grilled ham and cheese, order the standard grilled cheese with ham inside. It’s $3.99. Not every Sonic sells ham, but keep your fingers crossed.

The Sonic secret menu Frito Chili Pie is legendary; check to see if your location has it.

A person's hand holding up a container of a Sonic Drive-in secret menu item: Frito Chili Pie.

A popular Sonic secret menu item in the South, Frito Pie is a generous serving of Frito chips smothered in chili and cheese. Think of it as the toppings on a regular Coney dog but on crunchy chips.

A Frito Pie is about $4.29, which is $0.10 cheaper than Large Chili Cheese Tots. Your location might not be able to make it, so check before you get your hopes up.


The Sonic secret menu Ring Leader Burger is only $0.70 more than a cheeseburger.

A close-up of a Sonic cheeseburger with onion rings added to it.

This Sonic secret menu item is only a good deal if your local Sonic is generous.

Order a cheeseburger with grilled onions ($0.70) and one onion ring on top. Most locations will add a single onion ring to your order free of charge; otherwise, you might have to order a side of mini onion rings and assemble it yourself.

Price of cheeseburger $5.49 + grilled onions $0.70 + a free onion ring = $6.19.
Price of cheeseburger $5.49 + grilled onions $0.70 + mini onion rings $3.29 = $9.48


Celebrate your cheat day with Sonic secret menu Extreme Tots.

A person scooping a bite full of Sonic loaded tots from a cardboard fast food dish.

Feeling like treating yourself? The Sonic secret menu extreme tots are definitely heavier than your regular tater tots, but still totally worth it; order tots with cheese, chili, jalapenos, onions, and ranch dressing for $4.09.

You can get the “Extreme” treatment on Popcorn Chicken, too! Definitely plan some nap time after this one.


Sonic Secret Menu Drinks

The Pink Lady drink on the Sonic secret drink menu mixes fruity and creamy flavors.

A person's hand holding a Sonic drink cup with the lid removed to show the drink.

To order the popular Pink Lady drink on the Sonic secret menu, ask for Sprite with cherry flavoring and vanilla cream. A medium Pink Lady costs $2.39 — a 22.7% discount from a regular Sonic slush (reg. $3.09).

Check out the secret Sonic drink menu “Sonic Sunrise”.

via FacebookOne of the most popular Sonic secret menu items is the Sonic Sunrise, which tastes something like a virgin Tequila Sunrise. To order, ask for a drink that’s equal parts orange juice and Cherry Limeade. It costs $2.89 for a medium and $3.69 for a large.

Mix together some flavors for a Sonic secret menu Purple Sprite.

A person taking the lid off of a Sonic drink cup, showing the inside with ice, lemon, and their purple drink.

The Sonic secret menu has some interesting items, like purple Sprite. Just order a Sprite with some added splashes of Powerade, cranberry juice, and lemonade for $4.46 (medium). It’s pretty sweet.

For lemonade and soft drinks, flavor add-ins are $0.69 each and $0.85 for fruits (like limes and lemons) and candies (like Skittles).


The Dr Pepper/Powerade/lemonade combo is a popular experience.

A close-up on an ice cold drink from Sonic.

You’ve gotta spend $0.69 on add-ins, but this Sonic secret menu beverage is worth it. It’s in store only, and here’s how you order:

Medium Dr Pepper ($2.39)
Add splash of Powerade (adds $0.69)
Add splash of lemonade (adds $0.69)


Sonic Menu Hacks

1. Sonic Happy Hour makes the entire Sonic drink menu 50% off every day between 2 – 4 p.m.

A person's hand holding up a Sonic drink cup and straw in front of a Sonic sign next to the drive-up parking spots.

When is the Sonic Happy Hour? Sonic Happy Hour time is 2 to 4 p.m. every day, so if you’re close by, you’ve got to take advantage of Sonic Happy Hour. You’ll get half-price off the entire Sonic drink menu and Sonic slush menu (reg. $3.09) when you order at any Sonic Drive-In location.


2. Or get half-price Sonic drinks & slushes anytime when you order through the Sonic app.

A person sitting in their car, holding a Sonic drink cup next to their cell phone, displaying an advertisement for Sonic that reads, "1/2 price drinks & slushes all day when you order in the app

You’ll still get Sonic Happy Hour prices on any slush or Sonic drink menu item as long as you order through the Sonic app. If only every happy hour was like that. . .


3. The Sonic app gives you high-value coupons immediately.

A person sitting in their car, holding a Sonic Blast cup next to their cell phone, displaying an advertisement in the Sonic app that reads, "1/2 price Blasts"

When you download the Sonic app and sign up for their MySonic rewards program, you’ll get your first exclusive deal right away. When I signed up, I got a $1.99 Footlong Quarter Pound Coney reward, which would’ve usually cost me $5.29 (62.3% savings).

That’s just the beginning; app-exclusive rewards pop up often, so keep the app handy every trip. Sonic app deals vary from week to week with some Sonic coupons only lasting one day.


4. Order from the stall and pay with the Sonic app to get a new reward — every time.

A woman sitting in her vehicle with her window down, ordering from the a kiosk at a Sonic Drive-in.

Sonic coupon rewards are given EVERY TIME you place an order with the Sonic app.

If you want to order in person (especially if you’re trying to get some complicated Sonic secret menu items), here’s what you do to get the reward:

  • Order at one of the drive-in stalls
  • Open the Sonic app
  • Click the bag icon to check out
  • Put in your stall number
  • Pay via the Sonic app
  • Get your new reward (added to the app)

You can collect as many rewards as you want — but you can only use one per order.


5. And cheeseburgers have their own Sonic Happy Hour — they’re half price every Tuesday after 5 p.m.

A close-up of a Sonic cheeseburger being held by someone sitting in a car.

Tuesday is “Family Night,” where you can get half-price cheeseburgers after 5 p.m. if you order through the Sonic app. It’s like a whole other Sonic Happy Hour.

I got a Bacon Double Cheeseburger (reg. $7.39) at a Sonic near me for $3.70!

This isn’t the only Tuesday restaurant deal you can get.

Note: This offer doesn’t include the Double-Patty Cheeseburgers, any limited-time or seasonal cheeseburger, Quarter Pound Double Cheeseburgers, Jr. Burgers, and combos.


6. Take home a massive 10-lb Sonic bag of ice for $2.

Buying ice at fast food joints is my new favorite thing. Sonic is known for its “nugget” ice, and you can buy a 10-lb bag for only $1.99.

Compare that to a 10-lb bag of ice at 7-Eleven, which is anywhere from $2.50 to $4, depending on your state. And 7-Eleven’s ice isn’t nugget ice.



7. Get a high-value Sonic coupon page with every in-store purchase.

A person sitting in a car parked at Sonic, holding a page of Sonic coupons above a takeout bag.

When you get your food in store, your bag will come with a printed page of Sonic coupons. The coupons range from a BOGO free Classic Chicken Sandwich (reg. $5.59) to an assortment of sides and drinks for only $0.99.

By paying with your Sonic app (see Tip 4), you can double up on the coupons you get from one Sonic trip.

Note: These printed coupons are only redeemable in stores. There’s no way to apply them to the app.


8. Get Sonic delivery from Uber Eats for the cheapest delivery fees.

A man walking up some stairs carrying a DoorDash bag.

You get access to the full Sonic menu when you order Sonic delivery from DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub. You should always order from Uber Eats since they have the cheapest delivery fees nationwide:

  • Uber Eats: $0.49 delivery fee
  • DoorDash: $2.99 delivery fee
  • Grubhub: $4.99 delivery fee

Before you place your order, you should check out our DoorDash tips, Uber Eats tips, and Grubhub tips that’ll help save you money.

Note: You won’t be able to use Sonic coupons (paper or digital), nor earn rewards, when you use these third-party delivery services.


9. For fastest service, use the Sonic app to order ahead.

A person scrolling through the Sonic Drive-in app on their phone while sitting inside a car.

The Sonic app lets you place your order and select a pickup time and location. Just drive up to a stall and check-in, and the order should be ready in five minutes.

Order ahead is only available through the Sonic app, and only until 11 p.m.


10. Order from the Sonic breakfast menu anytime you want.

A person holding a Sonic breakfast burrito with a cell phone sitting on their lap displaying the time, 1:06 pm, on the screen.

Whether you order in person or through the app, you can still grab anything off the Sonic breakfast menu anytime during the day. That includes any of the breakfast sandwiches ($4.49), breakfast burritos ($3.49), and coffees ($3.29) at any time.


11. Sign up for text messages to get exclusive offers on the Sonic menu.

A person's hand holding a cell phone with the Sonic text alerts conversation opened in their messages.

If you sign up for Sonic Drive-In text messages, you’ll get exclusive offers sent directly to your phone. All you need to do is provide your phone number and zip code to start getting 10 texts a month.

When I signed up, I immediately got an offer for a free large Sonic drink or slush (reg. $3.59). You can only use one of these promos per order.



12. Complete the Sonic survey on your receipt for a free drink.

A person holding a Sonic receipt next to a Sonic beverage while sitting in a car.

Whenever you get a receipt from a Sonic, it’ll have an ID number on the bottom. Go to and complete a quick Sonic survey to get a promo code for a free large drink. You have 14 days from your original purchase to finish the survey, so don’t put it off too long.


13. Get a discounted Sonic gift card to save up to 10%.

A close-up of a Sonic gift card.

Places like sell gift cards for cheaper than the amount on them. We’ve seen discounts as high as 10% for Sonic gift cards, so you should always get a discounted gift card to get an automatic discount on your Sonic orders.

You can also get a Sonic gift card from Target for a 5% discount with your Target RedCard.

Tip: You should also check out’s Dining Discount Pass for Sonic coupons like BOGO Footlong Quarter Pound Coney dogs (reg. $5.29).


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