Gas prices have eased up slightly. But they aren’t bound to get much cheaper anytime soon. Where I live, regular gas is $3.39 a gallon. With my car's 14-gallon tank, it takes me more than $47.00 to fill up! We all drive: to stores, to take care of families, to run kids to band practice. Those gallons add up fast! Here are three ways to beat the high cost of gas:

Fuel Rewards Network: By shopping at select restaurants, online merchants and grocery stores enrolled in the Fuel Rewards Network (FRN), I earn cash discounts on future gas purchases at select BP and Shell gas stations. When I check out, I give my store loyalty card to the cashier for scanning. For every $50 I spend, I earn $0.05 – $0.10 per gallon of gas. Best of all, the discount is applied before I provide any coupons to the cashier, not after. Speaking of coupons, I also earn gas discounts for buying certain grocery items after activating FRN eCoupons. My total gas savings are printed on my receipt and are also available online. When I fill up, I swipe my loyalty card at the pump, and the discount is applied instantly. Through my FRN account, this year alone I saved $75.49.

2. Credit Card Rewards: My Discover card gives me a 5 percent cash back bonus on gas station purchases from January – March and from July – September. This discount applies on up to $1,500.00 in gas station purchases. That means I can earn up to $75.00 cash back. Chase Freedom also offers a 5 percent cash back program with the same cash back potential during the same months as Discover. That means by using these two credit cards for gas purchases (and always paying them off at the end of the month) I can earn up to $150 cash back. When I totaled up just how much I had earned from January to March using these two credit cards, I had about $100 in rewards. Redeem the rewards as a monetary credit applied to your credit balance or as a gift card. I always choose the gift card option because I can then earn an extra $5 for every $20 I spend on certain gift cards. So I actually earned about $125 in gift cards by buying gas via my Discover and Chase Freedom credit cards.

3. Bidacuda Gas Cards: Bidacuda is an online auction site similar to eBay that allows members to bid on discounted items like designer purses, jewelry and, my personal favorite, gas cards. Currently, the site is promoting $25 Shell gas cards that start at just a penny. Recently, I won a Shell gas card for just $16.35, which represents savings of 34 percent. You can win the bid on one Shell gas card per week, but the wait is certainly worth the extra savings.


This has been a guest post by Halina from Madison, WI
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