Maybe it was college or a new car, maybe a house… or all three! Debt’s a necessary evil for plenty of us staring up at the long climb ahead. So will getting ahead of your debt mean giving up everything else you enjoy?

No way!

Keep your favorite foods, TV shows, makeup brands, and sanity! Here’s your ultimate guide to paying less for everything.


1. Use our cheat sheets to lower your internet, cable, and cell phone bills.

Before calling to negotiate a lower bill, check out our tips from a former call center employee to help you get exactly what you want:


2. Or, say goodbye to cable in favor of streaming.

Cutting cable might feel like breaking up with an old friend, but most people can still watch all their favorite programming for roughly 1/3 of the cost online.

I combine Hulu Plus, Netflix and Sling TV for just $36/month! Check out more ways to watch TV without paying for cable.

Plus, these ingenious Netflix hacks and Hulu tricks just might change your life.


3. Never pay full price for toilet paper or laundry detergent.

Are you ever going to stop buying basics like laundry detergent and toilet paper?

Didn’t think so. We did tons of sleuthing in order to find out exactly how much you should spend on laundry detergent and where the best deals on toilet paper are.


4. Use the KCL app to save 50% on groceries.

Build your shopping list around our hand-curated deals and coupons, then access it all on the go with the KCL app. It’s almost like having a personal shopper!

We show you how to stack current sale prices, coupons, rebates, and discounted gift cards to slash your grocery budget in half.



5. Start couponing today with our Quick-Start Guide to Couponing.

We were all newbies once! Our unintimidating guide eases you into the coupon world to clear up all that stress and confusion.


6. Earn free money using rebate apps like Ibotta and Checkout51.

Claim rebates alone, or stack them with coupons and discounts. Either way, you get money back when you incorporate the apps into your grocery shopping.

Learn how I easily saved $500/year with Ibotta.


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7. Let Paribus track down price adjustments and watch your money come back like magic.

Paribus requests refunds when prices drop after you buy items online from popular retailers. And it’s totally free!

They’ll even score gift cards for you when your Amazon shipment is late.

Check out how I used Paribus at 18 stores and got $132.64 cash back!


8. Save up to 54% using discounted gift cards at your favorite stores and restaurants.

Ready to make gift cards your #1 method of payment?

It might sound crazy, but tons of websites and businesses offer great promos or resell gift cards so you can score instant discounts. We’ve even seen savings as high as 54% at Sunglass Warehouse!


9. Shop like an ex-employee at all your favorite stores.

Playing by the rules never felt so much like cheating! We dish all the shopping secrets from our favorite retailers so you never pay full price.

Check out the secrets to shopping (and saving!) at some of our favorite stores:


10. Follow the most generous restaurants and retailers on social media for freebies.

We’ve scoured the web to find the most generous companies out there who are providing discounts and freebies for their loyal customers via social media.

If you aren’t following these companies on Facebook and Instagram, you’re missing out on easy deals.



11. Know where to shop and at what time of year in order to get the best deal.

Check out our master list of where to buy almost everything to get the best prices in town.

Plus, know which things you should always order online, and consider these surprisingly fashionable high-end knockoffs from Walmart.


12. Get free or affordable makeup by hacking the makeup industry.

Stop feeling guilty about your makeup purchases, and take advantage of coupons, freebies, samples and more to get totally affordable makeup.


13. Skip eyelash extensions and facials with our DIY esthetician secrets.

You don’t have to skip the spa or salon altogether, but these DIY beauty treatment hacks from an esthetician are way cheaper (and surprisingly effective!).


14. Score the lowest prices on school supplies and kids’ clothes with promo codes and email exclusives.

Aim for these low prices before stocking up on school and office supplies during the back to school shopping season.


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15. Keep an active side-hustle from home for extra cash.

There are plenty of legit ways to earn money from home.

You can become a brand ambassador, earn money on Amazon, or score free cash and gift cards, all without sacrificing precious time with kids.

We love helping families find convenient ways to make extra money, so we also tracked down these awesome ways to earn dollars without getting a full-time job and some tips for side-hustling yourself out of the 9-5 grind.


16. Take your resale hustle to the next level for more reliable extra income.

Really enjoying that extra cash without the hassle of a job, job? I thought so!

Make your knack for flipping merchandise even more profitable and convenient with these apps that’ll help you make more with your resale hustle.

Or turn your crafty flair into a side business with some of these items anyone can make and sell on Etsy.


17. Streamline your budgeting process with apps that suit your personality.

I’m a huge fan of appifying typically boring tasks like budgeting. So whether you’re detail-oriented, or fun-loving and like to find humor in difficult tasks, we’ve found the right savings tool for your personality type.


18. Save $400/year on car maintenance costs with freebies and DIY projects.

Minor car maintenance and repairs can seriously chip away at your budget. Find out how this single mom saves $400 per year on car maintenance.


19. Score flights and hotel rooms for free.

Find out how this couple did a two-week honeymoon in Australia for under $1,000.

Or, fulfill your kids’ Disney dreams with these Disney Vacation hacks that will save you hundreds.



20. Enjoy vacation vibes from home with an affordable staycation.

Who says you have to travel to enjoy a little R&R? Your family will love these affordable staycation ideas.

And you’ll enjoy the warm months even more with these genius backyard entertaining hacks.


21. Help your kids apply for scholarships. (Or apply for yourself!)

A perfect transcript isn’t the only way to get free money for college. Between these middle school friendly contests, and these unusual scholarships anyone can apply for, there are opportunities for everyone.

Financing college takes a lot of planning, so check out how these parents side-hustle their way to earning $4,800/year toward a college fund for their kids.


22. Take advantage of free activities for kids.

Don’t resign yourself to a house full of bored kiddos! There are plenty of free or super cheap things to do with your kids!

And when they’re at home, check out these free online activities to keep them busy.


23. Keep the romance alive without breaking the bank.

Don’t make the ultimate budgeting mistake — neglecting your other half!

We’ve got the best ideas for saving money on date night, plus expert tips for saving on wine.


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23 Ways to Pay Off Debt, Save Money, and Still Enjoy Life