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Compare Shopping Carts: How to Lower Your Pumpkin Pie Cost

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Every year you can count on pumpkin pie to be sweet, creamy, rich, and decadent — all the things a holiday dessert should be. But this year you can also count on it being more expensive. With inflation and the rising cost of grocery prices, we’re seeing costs go up on Christmas cookies, Thanksgiving turkeys, and just about everything else.

Walmart and Aldi tried to make things a little easier on shoppers by dropping prices to pre-inflation levels. This is a much needed break for our budgets and has helped us put together this guide on where to buy the cheapest pumpkin pie ingredients for the 2022 holidays. By shopping at certain stores and utilizing store brand ingredients, you can lower your pumpkin pie cost and still make this decadent treat for cheap. Here’s how!

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These are the classic pumpkin pie ingredients.

Pumpkin pie ingredients in a Walmart basket

We’ve gathered up the details on a handful of ingredients that are in most every pumpkin pie recipe. There will be slight variations when it comes to your pumpkin pie recipe, but these are the basics that most recipes call for. Keep in mind, our guide lists out the full price of the ingredients when you’ll only use a cup or two of them. Use this as a reference for where ingredients are the cheapest, and know that you’ll have some leftover ingredients for Christmas cookies or other holiday recipes.

We’ve also listed out ingredients for homemade pie dough; flour and butter. But if you prefer store-bought dough as a quick and delicious time-saving alternative, the cheapest pre-made dough can be found at Walmart and Aldi at just $1.09 and $1.10 per pie shell, respectively.

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Here’s where to find the cheapest ingredients.

Pumpkin Pie Cart Compare

We compared prices on the basic ingredients at some of the most popular — and affordable — stores in the country. If none of these are your go-to grocery store, just use this as a guide for what prices to look out for and which prices are considered high. Prices will also vary by location, so take that into account as well. Now, on to the results!

Walmart and Aldi are delivering on their promise to keep prices low this holiday season. Both of these stores get you all the ingredients you need to make a homemade pumpkin pie for under $20. The winner is Walmart’s Great Value Brand coming in at $17.94. And Aldi is the runner-up for $1 more at $18.95. Aldi has the cheapest brown sugar, pumpkin, heavy cream, and ground cinnamon while Walmart takes the cake — or is it pie? — for the cheapest flour and eggs. Target is just a couple dollars more, but you’ll end up spending $5 to $10 more at Publix or Trader Joe’s. It’s worth noting that Trader Joe’s has a great price for butter, so it might be worth stocking up on your next TJ run.


Save on all your pie baking essentials.

A pumpkin pie with the KCL icon baked into it surrounded by fall decor

Bake your pumpkin pie beautifully with this affordable, basic cookware. Get great results without adding a significant amount to your total pumpkin pie cost.

Metal pie dishes — while not the most pretty — are ideal when it comes to baking pies with a bottom crust and custardy interior. They heat quickly and evenly to ensure the perfect bottom crust every time. We like this set of two metal pans from G & S Metal Products Store ($12). Glass pie plates are also a great option for pumpkin pie and Pyrex pie dishes ($17) are longtime fan favorites with great reviews.

Shop pumpkin pie essentials on Amazon:

It’s also a good idea to invest in a set of pie weights. These help keep your crust from bubbling up when you pre-bake it before adding your pie filling. This set from Mrs. Anderson’s ($10) is a great choice.

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