Every time I think I know all there is to know and love about Target, I learn something new. I’m just so addicted to all things Target—sometimes I look around my house and realize just how integral shopping at Target has become to my sense of style, my wardrobe, my life.

On that topic, I just discovered that Target has yet another service I can get totally excited about: Target Ticket.

Although Target Ticket first launched in 2013, somehow I’m just now finding out about it (“better late than not at all” is my motto here!). Even better, I also found out that Target Ticket integrates with Target Cartwheel, Target RedCard, Target Pharmacy and other services so I can save even more and in even more ways.

What a great find to usher in a brand new year!

How Target Ticket works

Target Ticket works through the Target Ticket Player, a free streaming software that manages your movie rentals for you. All you need to do is sign up for Target Ticket, download the Player, and you can begin watching right away—you don’t even need to be connected to Wi-Fi to watch!

  • Supported devices: Smart televisions, Xbox systems, iOS/Android devices (phones, tablets, laptops, desktops), Roku boxes, Blu-ray players. See a complete list of supported devices.
  • Sign up to download the Target Ticket Player.

Note: For parents, you’ll be reassured to know Target Ticket offers parental controls.

How Target Ticket saves you even more

Target Ticket syncs with many of Target’s other programs and services, which means you have access to year-round special promotions, sales and discounts. Here are some examples:

  • Target Ticket is free to join – you only pay for what you watch.
  • You get a 5% discount when you pay for rentals using your Target RedCard.
  • You can apply Disney, Ultraviolet and other promo codes to save even more.
  • You can use Target gift cards to rent content on Target Ticket.
  • Get extra promo codes and coupons in your Target Pharmacy monthly mailer.
  • Some Target purchases trigger automatic $5 Target Ticket discounts at checkout.
  • Target periodically runs co-promotions with various vendors to offer discounts or promo codes for Target Ticket (recent promos include Roku, Zooti, Diet Coke, Special K, and Licensed Kids Vitamins).
  • Take advantage of “sales” prices on certain titles, series and collections.

Target Ticket vs. competitors

Here is an overview of Target Ticket’s major competitors and what each offers.

  • Target Ticket: Free to join, no subscription required. Pay for each title you watch.
  • Redbox: Free to use, no subscription required. Pay by the day for what you watch. Prices start at $1.36 (tax included).
  • Netflix: Monthly subscription required for either streaming or DVD service (starting at $7.99 with $2 added to any plan for HD). No cancellation penalty (no refunds for partial months). Offers a free trial period of 30 days for streaming and DVD plans.
  • Cinema Now (formerly Best Buy OnDemand): Free to join, no subscription required. You can choose to rent or buy the video you want to stream. Uses CinemaNow software, which is not compatible on all operating systems or devices.
  • Amazon Instant Video: Free for Prime members as part of the Prime service. Non-members can rent movies and television programs individually on demand. Prices vary, but generally start at $2.99 per title.
  • Blockbuster On Demand: Free to join, no subscription required. $2.99-$4.99 per movie streamed. No television shows are offered.
  • Google Play: Google Play has now ventured into the realm of video streaming, offering rentals starting from $2.99 and pre-orders for new releases starting at $7.99.
  • Walmart VUDU: Walmart’s offering is called VUDU (Video On Demand). Television show rentals start at $1.99 per episode, and movie rentals start at $2.99 (and increase based on whether you want standard, HD or HDX). You can also purchase unlimited viewings (streaming to own) starting at $7.99.

Why choose Target Ticket

If you’re like me (and most people), you probably already have a subscription to Netflix, or you frequent Redbox or Amazon to watch movies, television programs and other digital content.

Not all titles with Target Ticket are available for rental only, but those that are start at $3.99 (for most titles). Titles available for sale are reasonably priced, with even new releases starting at $12.99.

An example

Target Ticket offers competitive rental rates and cheaper purchase rates for the example new release movie, The Equalizer, starring Denzel Washington. But when you apply your 5% Target RedCard discount, $3.99 becomes $3.79 and $13.99 becomes $13.29. And when you cash in a promo code from one of Target’s year-round promotions (such as retail receipts, Target Pharmacy, or vendor co-promotions), you can get a rental for just pennies or even free!

  • Target Ticket: $3.99 to rent; $13.99 to buy.
  • Amazon Instant Video: $3.99 to rent: $17.99 to buy.
  • Blockbuster On Demand: $3.99 to rent.
  • Google Play: $3.99 to rent; $12.99 to buy.
  • Cinema Now: $4.99 to rent; $17.99 to buy.
  • Walmart VUDU: $3.99 to rent; $22.96 to buy (DVD + unlimited digital HD streaming).

Promo examples

Here are some examples of past (and present) Target Ticket promos so you can keep your eyes peeled for more of the same (and then some) this year!



Target Ticket: A Fresh Way to Watch Your Favorite Flicks and Save!