Sometimes we reminisce about life “pre-smart phones.” It often feels like we’re talking about a previous century rather than a previous decade! But mostly we just marvel at how fast technology advances, and how much we depend on devices and apps to do everything from map routes to save money. Target is one of those retailers that is taking advantage of digital technology to help shoppers save. Learn why you will want to have all three of these Target apps handy before this year’s big shopping season arrives!

3 Essential Target apps

Armed with these three savings-savvy apps, you will soon wonder why you ever paid full price for anything while shopping at Target!

1. Target store app

Target is making a big push to update its store app alongside its additions to the popular Cartwheel app. While the full app functionality is yet to come (some elements have been integrated and others are still in progress), the big change is how differently the iPad and iPhone apps behave.

Fall 2014 Target app updates:

  • The new app now looks more like Pinterest than Target.
  • Apple Pay is integrated (online only) for iPhone 6/6+.
  • Manage REDcard, gift cards and orders in-app.
  • Enhanced product search using store maps.
  • Navigation and checkout options are streamlined and quicker.
  • Lots of social media and sharing integration (including Instagram).
  • Targeted design for iPad and iPhone.
  • More advances to come!

2. Cartwheel app

Target’s Cartwheel app has been a hit from its earliest days, and it just keeps getting better. Just power up the app once you are in-store to find deals and then scan your unique barcode at checkout to redeem the savings.

Fall 2014 Cartwheel updates:

  • With version 1.7.1. Cartwheel now supports iOS 8 and the iPhone 6/6+.
  • The app now has a “For You” feature with personalized recommendations.
  • You can update your email preferences in-app.
  • The app now supports select online purchases as well as in-store savings.
  • The app is faster than ever.
  • Check out this great KCL post for an overview of how to use Cartwheel.

3. Wish List app

Target’s crown jewel of new Fall 2014 app releases is Wish List, which is coming just in time for the big Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping frenzy. The app just released on October 31 and the media is already buzzing about the app’s main audience (digital-savvy kids) and focus (Target parents’ and loved ones’ shopping with shareable gift lists).

What Wish List can do:

  • Kids can curate their own gift lists.
  • Parents can shop from those gift lists.
  • Parents can share kids’ gift lists with others.
  • App integrates with Target’s Kids’ Gifting Catalog via an augmented reality experience to help kids hone in on the gifts they want right away.
  • All new app shoppers can choose one day prior to November 26 to save 10 percent on all purchases.


3 Target Apps You Need for the Holiday Shopping Season