Green Monday is a term eBay coined to label what is widely considered the best retail sales day in December.

It’s usually the second Monday in December — and it’s green because that’s the color of money, and perhaps because some of us might feel nauseated when we realize we only have about 10 days of online shopping left before Christmas.

Here’s what you need to know about Green Monday (also called Cyber Monday 2).


1. Watch for a “Kohl’s Mystery Savings” email for up to 40% savings.

Kohl’s runs a “Green Monday Mystery Savings” deal, so sign up for Kohl’s emails. When you get your email, you’ll see if you received 20%, 30% or 40% savings on your entire purchase.


2. Download the KCL app and mark Target, Walmart, JCPenney and Kohl’s as favorite stores.

On Green Monday, KCL’s team will be scouting the best deals around and posting about them.

When you download the KCL app and choose a few stores as your favorites, you’ll see those deals basically right when they go live.


3. Walmart has the best Green Monday deals overall.

For two years in a row, Walmart‘s Green Monday online sales have been its best online sales day of December.

Watch for more than 300 deals, many of which are repeat deals from Black Friday. (I guess Walmart loves us procrastinators!)

Last year, Walmart offered Xbox and Playstation for $199, which is only $30 more than Black Friday prices.


4. Expect to see 20% off every $100 you spend at Target.

Black Friday is just kind of a blur with Target. Meaning there are sales before and sales after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It all kind of melts into one big sale.

But last year we saw a special Green Monday promotion for 20% off every $100 spent on home, accessories and beauty purchases.


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5. Take advantage of 20% off orders under $100 at JCPenney.

JCPenney’s Green Monday promotion was similar to Target’s.

However, you could also get 25% off orders over $100, and the discount applied site-wide, not just in certain spending categories.


6. Green Monday is not the last day to shop online.

Even though retailers want you to believe it’s the last day to shop online, it’s not.

In fact, Free Shipping Day isn’t until the following Friday and outside of same-day shipping (Amazon) or in-store pickup orders (Walmart), Free Shipping Day is your actual last call for online holiday shopping.


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