Getting out of debt can be a confusing process. Tracking your debts, figuring out how much to pay, totaling up your interest payments, calculating a debt payoff amount, and keeping track of current and extra payments can be a lot to get a handle on. Luckily, there are a few free websites which offer easy to use interfaces to allow you to track and attack your debt using Dave Ramsey's debt snowball method, or any other method that works for you. Tracking your debt and the payments you make can be a great motivation method to help you see your progress. Watching the numbers go down with each payment and calculating how long it will take to pay off each debt makes me so excited and determined to keep working hard to get out of debt!

While you can find a number of paid websites that offer a debt snowball tracker and debt calculator, why spend money that could be used for those debt payments? Here are some of the best free debt snowball sites and apps that will help keep you organized and motivated on your debt-payoff journey.

1. Ready For Zero

Ready For Zero is an award-winning online and mobile tool that helps you get on track to pay off your debt by creating a personalized debt payoff plan that provides you with analytics to show you how you’re doing with managing your money. The site allows you to link up your accounts and sends you reminders so you can keep on track. You can upgrade to the paid version for credit protection, credit score tracking, and the ability to make payments through the site.

2. Clear Check Book

Clear Check Book is a well-designed and easy-to-use site that allows you to not only track your debts, but also to track your budget—all for free. You can customize your dashboard so that you can view what you want up front, like your debts or current account transactions. You can also link multiple accounts and set budget categories. Although the site doesn’t link to your bank, it allows you to enter transactions manually—giving you further control over your budgeting. The site even offers reports on your transactions so you can crunch the data on your spending habits. Additional tools are offered such as a tracker to help you save for a purchase, a tracker for your investment portfolio, envelope budgeting, the ability to export to Excel, and a money-lending tracker to record money you may have lent to someone.


3. is a free debt snowball calculator that lists them in debt snowball order (smallest to largest), and helps you track payments to the debts. The site will show you your debt payoff date, how much you pay monthly in debts, the percentage of your debt paid off, and your current snowball amount. The site just launched its mobile version, which is also free (though it may become paid in the future) and even offers text message payment reminders to make sure you never miss a payment. This site does not link to your bank accounts and offers a simple interface that is clean and easy to navigate.

The Best 3 Free Debt Snowball Tools