Walmart Grocery Pickup is always free. But Walmart’s Grocery Delivery is only free the first time and then you’ll pay a $10 fee after that.

Forget that! Instead, do yourself a favor and scoop up an extra $10 in a variety of ways and then apply your savings toward Walmart Grocery Delivery.

Here are my five favorite ways to do this. And once I have the cash set aside, I save my Grocery Deliveries for those days when I just can’t with the grocery store.

Note: If your city doesn’t currently offer this service, don’t fret — Walmart is scaling up and hopes to have grocery delivery available to 40% of U.S. households by the end of the year.


1. Sign up to test websites through UserTesting and make $10 for 20 minutes of work.

Yes, you read that right. You do 20 minutes’ worth of giving verbal feedback about a website you’ve been assigned to navigate and then UserTesting puts money in your PayPal account.

Do this twice a month and you’ll have enough money for two Walmart Grocery Deliveries. Find out how I’ve earned $200 in one month testing websites.


2. Refer two friends to Ibotta and get $10.

Ibotta (AKA our favorite rebate app) has a really generous referral program. You’ll get a referral code that you can give out to your friends and family once you sign up. Ibotta often runs bonuses where you can get more than the usual $5 per sign-up too.


3. Sign up for a Target REDcard and earn $10 for every $200 you spend.

Real talk: We all spend more at Target than we think we do.

If you’re couponing at Target, surely you reach a couple hundred dollars in total once every couple months or more often.

When you have a REDcard, you save 5% on every purchase. That means for every $200 you spend at Target, you could set aside $10 worth of savings. Track these savings and put them into your “Walmart Grocery Delivery” budget.


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4. Earn a $10 Walmart gift card for walking into stores and scanning items you’re not buying through Shopkick.

To earn a $10 gift card, you need 2,500 “kicks” or points when you use Shopkick. For reference, you can earn 25 kicks for scanning dog food at Target. Level up and earn 500 kicks if you need dog food and you buy the dog food there’s a Shopkick offer for. Just take a picture of your receipt with the app.

But even if you slow your roll and earn kicks the easy and free way — by walking into stores (15 kicks) and scanning products (15-40 kicks) — you can get enough kicks for a $10 Walmart gift card once a month to use on your delivery fee.


5. Enlist BillCutterz to negotiate your bills, and aim to set aside $20 per month.

When you let BillCutterz negotiate your bills, you’ll split the savings with them 50/50 for the first year. After that, the savings are all yours. If BillCutterz can’t find you any savings, there’s no charge at all to you.

If you’re able to save even a couple dollars every month, set it aside to use for Walmart Grocery Delivery.


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5 Ideas to Get Walmart Groceries Delivered to Your House for Free