Drugstores offer significant savings when you know what to buy and how to maximize your dollars.

Walgreens offers Balance Rewards, which is their store loyalty program. Sign up and you’ll get numerous chances to earn points that translate into money toward future purchases.

When you total up earnings from Balance Rewards and a rebate app like Ibotta, and savings from a sale and a coupon, you’ll see what I mean.

Download the KCL app and we’ll tell you when to buy these items at their very lowest prices. Find out more details about how to coupon at Walgreens.


1. Scott toilet paper

You can find Scott toilet paper for a stock-up price of $0.01 per sq. ft. at Walgreens at least once a month — sometimes more often. Walgreens has the most frequent and reliable stock-up deals on Scott TP.

We calculate toilet paper by the square footage because roll size is so unreliable and sometimes misleading.

We see BOGO 50% off deals on Scott toilet paper every couple of months. Look for these or a sale price or a store promotion like “Spend $25.00, get a $5.00 Register Reward” (Register Rewards are issued like a receipt but they’re as good as cash at Walgreens) or “Spend $30, get 10,000 Balance Rewards Points.” (10,000 points is equal to $10.00 in cash.)

Combine this with a Scott coupon or an Ibotta offer or both, and you’ll easily build a toilet paper stockpile.

KCL Stock-Up Price:

  • Scott toilet paper: $0.015 per sq. ft.


2. Tide laundry detergent

The frequency of Tide deals that are so low they’re worth stockpiling is comparable to what you’ll see at CVS. Both stores offer one or two deals per month.

But you’ll pay slightly less at Walgreens than at CVS (I’m talking $0.10-$0.20 less per bottle). Plus, due to Balance Rewards earning, we’ve even seen moneymakers on Tide a few times a year. This isn’t unheard of at CVS, but it’s not as frequent.

Learn how to never pay full price for laundry detergent again.

KCL Stock-Up Price:

  • Tide, 40 oz. bottle: $1.99


3. Gift cards

About once a month you can save $5.00-$10.00 when you buy gift cards at Walgreens. These are usually in the form of a “buy two, get one gift card” type of promotion.

For example, “Buy (2) $25 Bass Pro Shops, Uber, Netflix, Cabela’s, JCPenney or Showtime gift cards and get a $10.00 Walgreens gift card.”

The featured gift cards rotate, so keep your eyes peeled and buy when you see a gift card you know you’ll use or want to give as a gift.

KCL Stock-Up Price:

  • Gift cards: At least 15% savings


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4. Kellogg’s cereal

Walgreens and CVS are neck and neck when it comes to Kellogg’s cereal, but ultimately Walgreens wins out with a few more frequent stock-up deals every year on Special-K, Apple Jacks, Corn Pops and more.

Look for sale prices you can stack with a Kellogg’s coupon and an Ibotta rebate. After these discounts, it’s not uncommon to pay as low as $0.80 per box of cereal.

KCL Stock-Up Price:

  • Kellogg’s cereal (any size): $1.00



5. Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner

Roughly once a month, Walgreens offers stock-up worthy savings on Herbal Essences. It typically includes a Balance Rewards promotion.

For example, you can combine an extremely high-value coupon ($8.00 off!) along with a Balance Rewards promotion for 7,000 points (or $7.00).

Or it might just be an insanely good coupon stacking job like this — a BOGO Free deal (or a sale price) on Herbal Essences. Stack it with an Herbal Essences coupon, an Ibotta rebate and a Balance Rewards promotion.

KCL Stock-Up Price:

  • Herbal Essences shampoo or conditioner: $1.99


6. Flour

Baking products are a surprising thing you should always buy at drugstores.

And since they rarely have coupons available, we often have to settle for store sales that come close to stock-up prices, even if they don’t quite get there.

For example, about every other month, we see a deal on Gold Medal flour that comes really close to a stock-up price, no coupons needed — $1.99/5 lb. bag. Since it’s a stock-up price for a different brand of flour, I’m OK compromising. Especially if it’s during the fall and winter months when I’m actually baking.

KCL Stock-Up Price:

  • King Arthur flour, 5 lb. bag: $1.99
  • Gold Medal flour, 5 lb. bag: $1.25


7. Sugar

As with flour, I settle for paying slightly above stock-up prices — especially during the baking season. This is because other drugstores like CVS don’t get nearly as close to stock-up prices as Walgreens does.

For example, once a month or more there’s a deal on C&H or Domino sugar that only requires a manufacturer coupon or an Ibotta rebate to stack with a sale price. The deals are really easy, and I usually pay under $1.50 for a 4-lb. bag.

If the deal is good enough to bring the price down under $1.00, that’s when I really stock up.

KCL Stock-Up Price:

  • Domino sugar, 4-lb bag: $1.00


8. Covergirl cosmetics

There’s a hot Covergirl deal at least twice a month at Walgreens — sometimes more often.

But even better? There’s a moneymaker deal on Covergirl cosmetics like mascara roughly once a month.

Shop when you see a Balance Rewards promotion or a 25% off regularly priced items promotion (these can have different names like “December Savings Pass” or “Friends and Family Pass”).

Plan to buy items that have current Covergirl coupons available in order to hit any minimum spending needed — for example, a Balance Rewards promotion like “Spend $25.00, get a $5.00 Register Reward.”

When you use coupons, Ibotta offers, and qualify for the store promotion, you can hit stock-up prices in your sleep and even make some money doing it.

KCL Stock-Up Price:

  • Covergirl LashBlast: $2.49
  • Covergirl Ink It Eyeliner: $1.99
  • Covergirl Clean Liquid Foundation: $1.99



9. BIC disposable razors

Walgreens has the lowest and most frequent deals on BIC disposable razors. In fact, CVS hasn’t had a comparable deal in at least a year.

Look for high-value BIC coupons you can stack with a sale at Walgreens. We see BIC deals that reach the $0.99 per package stock-up price a few times a month.

KCL Stock-Up Price:

  • BIC Disposable Razors: $0.99


10. Photo prints

Once or twice a month Walgreens offers a free 8×10 photo print (reg. $3.99) or five free 4×6 photo prints (reg. $1.65).

Typically you’ll need to go online and order it using a promo code that’s good only during the promotion. In order to avoid paying for shipping, opt for free same-day store pickup.

KCL Stock-Up Price:

  • Photo prints: FREE


11. Hot Wheels cars

Twice a year Hot Wheels cars hit an all-time low price of $0.69 each at Walgreens (reg. $1.19 ea.).

You’ll see this sale price around the holidays in December and again in April as Easter approaches. There’s rarely a limit to how many you can buy, and you don’t need a coupon, so be sure to buy enough to last you until you can get them again for this price.

KCL Stock-Up Price:

  • Hot Wheels cars: $0.69 ea.


12. Pampers diapers

You can find a Walgreens Pampers deal a couple times a month, and of those deals, at least once a month it’ll be a stock-up-worthy price point.

How? By combining offers and discounts. For example if you have a Pampers coupon, a Register Reward, and a current Ibotta rebate, you could pay only $3.50 for a $9.00 pack of diapers.

Another strategy is to take advantage of a Balance Rewards promotion like “Spend $30.00, Receive 10,000 Balance Rewards Points.” Buy enough to reach the $30.00 minimum spend, add in a Pampers coupon, and you can easily come in under stock-up prices.

KCL Stock-Up Price:

  • Pampers Jumbo Pack: $4.00



13. Godiva chocolate

What if I told you that you can get basically free bags of Godiva chocolate at Walgreens, and CVS can’t even shake a stick at it?

It’s true. Walgreens offers promotions where you buy Godiva chocolates and you’ll get a Catalina (those little skinny receipts that come out of their own machine at the register) that essentially covers the cost of the purchase. It’ll be a Register Reward for a certain amount of money off your next Walgreens purchase. Like this:

  • Buy 1, receive $1.00 Catalina
  • Buy 2, receive $2.25 Catalina
  • Buy 3 or more, receive $3.75 Catalina

Stack that with a Godiva coupon and you can get free chocolate. Watch for Godiva deals during the holidays — including Valentine’s Day.

KCL Stock-Up Price:

  • Godiva Chocolate: 75% off


14. McCafe K-Cups

About once every other month we see McCafe K-Cups dip below stock-up prices when you stack a sale price with a McCafe or Maxwell House coupon.

Sometimes you need a Sunday newspaper coupon (from Smart Source or RetailMeNot Everyday inserts) to do this deal, but half the time when there’s a stock-up worthy price, you can just use your smartphone to get the deal!

To do this, look for L2C (Load-to-Card) digital coupons inside the Walgreens app. The cashier will scan the coupon from your phone at checkout.

KCL Stock-Up Price:

  • McCafe K-Cups, 12-count: $4.99


15. Hallmark greeting cards

That’s right — I’m not talking about a card from the $0.99 section. I’m talking Hallmark!

A few times a year, you can score Hallmark greeting cards for less than $0.30-$0.70 each at Walgreens. We used to see a similar deal at CVS, but for the past couple of years, Walgreens has been our Hallmark greeting card go-to.

Look for cards priced 2/$4.00 and then use a coupon like “$2.00 off when you buy two” when it’s available as a digital L2C coupon inside the Walgreens app. If you’re lucky, it’ll coincide with a Balance Rewards promotion where you can get an extra 1,000 points ($1.00).

KCL Stock-Up Price:

  • Hallmark greeting cards: $0.50 each


16. Equal sweetener

If you time it right, you can live a life where you never pay for Equal sweetener.

Equal is usually $3.99 per box of 115 packets. When you see a sale on Equal at Walgreens and you can stack it with an Equal coupon and an Ibotta offer, it’s pretty easy to get it for free, or at least a stock-up price.

Buy enough to last you for at least three months, until you see another stock-up-worthy price.

KCL Stock-Up Price:

  • Equal sweetener, 115 packets: $0.50


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