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12 Tips to Get Five Guys Burgers for Cheap — Double Your Burgers & More

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When you think about getting a cheap burger, Five Guys Burgers & Fries isn’t going to be the first place you think of — because they’re actually pretty dang expensive when compared to their fast-food brethren.

But they’re also like, way better — with fresh ingredients and a cult following. Oh, and free peanuts while you wait.

If you’re craving a burger but don’t like the Five Guys prices, we’ve done all the research to find the best deals, how to get free delivery, and details about their secret menu. We’ve done the research and have all the best Five Guys hacks, Five Guys specials and Five Guys deals to take advantage of.

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Note: Five Guys prices are regional, so your prices might be a little different from the ones we found.


1. Order an extra bun with your two-patty Five Guys Burger to make two Little Burgers.

At Five Guys, a Cheeseburger is really a double cheeseburger because it comes with two patties (a “Little Cheeseburger” has one patty) — which means you can create two smaller burgers from it.

Just order a two-patty burger, ask for a totally free second bun, and then get all of your toppings on the side. Then, move one patty over to the second bun and spread the toppings out between the burgers.

And if you do this with a Bacon Cheeseburger, you’ll only spend $9.59 — instead of $13.98. That’s 31% savings!


2. The Five Guys Regular size fries is the best value.

Five Guys Fry Sizes

Five Guys fries come in three different sizes: Little (7.8 oz, $4.99), Regular (12 oz, $5.89), and Large (14 oz, $7.29). No matter which size of fry you buy, you can count on getting that generous extra scoop of fries dropped into the bottom of your bag — so if you get more than one order of fries, ask for them in separate bags to get more fries.

The Best Fry Size to Buy

The Regular size fry is the best value at $0.49/oz. The Little fry is about $0.63/oz, and the Large is $0.52/oz.

While we’re comparing, Five Guys’ price per ounce is way better than McDonald’s, whose sizes range from $0.69 – $0.74 per ounce. In fact, Five Guys price is one of the best value fries that you can grab. Here’s the breakdown.


3. Five Guys fries is one of the best value fries you can get when compared to other fast-food restaurants — up to 36% difference.

While we’re comparing, Five Guys’ price per ounce is way better than McDonald’s, whose sizes range from $0.69 – $0.74 per ounce. In fact, Five Guys price is one of the best value fries that you can grab. Here’s the breakdown.

@thekrazycouponlady Which fast food chain sells the cheapest French fries? We found which are the best value by buying large fries (at menu price) from McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Chick-fil-A, Arby’s, and Five Guys. We weighed the fries we received and crunched the numbers to find the cost per 100 grams. Where does your favorite fast food restsurant rank? Prices and portions may vary by location. #mcdonalds #wendys #burgerking #arbys #fiveguysburgersandfries #chickfila #fastfoodreview #fastfoodprices #fastfoodwars #frenchfries #foodprices #foodcost #foodcosts #krazycouponlady ♬ Look At Me Now – LALL

But we can tell you how to get straight-up free McDonald’s fries.


4. Want more toppings on your burger? Go for it; they’re almost all free.

I say almost because cheese and bacon cost extra — UNLESS you’ve ordered a burger that already has those things. For example, it’ll cost me $1.29 to add bacon to a grilled cheese, but it’s totally free to add it to a Bacon Cheeseburger. Cheese costs $0.50 per slice, unless you’ve already got something that comes with cheese.

Everything else at Five Guys is always free. Lettuce, grilled onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, sauces. . . pile ’em on for no extra charge.

The only caveat: You have to be in store to get the extra cheese and bacon. There’s no option for this online or via the app.


5. Order $15 or more to get free delivery from Five Guys.

In the past, Five Guys refused to do delivery since they thought their product was best eaten fresh, but since Covid-19, they’ve started doing delivery for their menu. If you order more than $15 — the price of a burger and fries — you’ll get free delivery (although service fees and tips are extra).

Five Guys doesn’t deliver from all of their locations, so make sure to check the website or the Five Guys app to find out if your location can deliver to you.

You can also order through a third-party app, but you’ll pay more — not just for delivery, but for the menu items. Here are the fees in my area:

Is DoorDash your go-to? Check out our ultimate guide to DoorDash coupons and how to use them.


6. Get 5% off Five Guys gift cards when you use the Target REDCard.

Person holding Target RedCard next to phone with Five Guys gift cards displayed on Target app

One of the many perks from the Target REDCards is a 5% discount on all gift cards you purchase at Target. Purchase your Five Guys gift cards this way to get a 5% discount on your burger purchase.

There are lots of ways to save the most with the Target REDCard.



7. Skip the line by ordering with the Five Guys app.

One of my least favorite parts about going to Five Guys is waiting for my food — just me and my peanuts.

But I’ve learned to place my order via the Five Guys app before I leave the house, and then by the time I get to the restaurant, my order is ready — for pickup or dining in.


8. Five Guys coupons don’t exist.

Don’t be fooled by official-looking accounts. Five Guys coupons are almost never distributed, and any social media account telling you that they work isn’t telling the truth.

There currently is no loyalty program for Five Guys either, and there are no plans to create one.

On the plus side. . . free peanuts?


9. The Five Guys employee discount is the only discount Five Guys offers.

Being a full-time or part-time Five Guys employee means getting access to dental and medical benefits. Plus, they are eligible for one free burger every shift.

Five Guys employees can also enroll in Five Guys University, their education support program, which can cover 100% tuition fees for select degrees or $5,250 a year for other degrees, and Five Guys is just one of the companies that will pay for your college degree.

Currently, Five Guys doesn’t have any teacher, student, or military discounts, but we have several teacher discounts, student discounts, and military discounts that you should check out.


10. The Five Guys secret menu has a patty melt, Chicago-style hot dogs, and more.

The Five Guys secret menu might cost you a bit more than a regular burger, but if you’re curious about keeping Five Guys from being stale, we’ve got you covered:

  • Patty Melt ($8.89): Order a Grilled Cheese (reg. $5.99) with an extra patty ($2.49).
  • Presidential Burger ($10.59): Order a Cheeseburger ($10.59) with lettuce, jalapeno peppers, tomato, and mustard. Named after former President Obama.
  • Imitation Animal Style Sauce (no cost): Mix mayo, ketchup, and mustard together.
  • Five Guys Burger Bowl (no cost): Order your burger with no bun to get it in an aluminum tin.
  • Well Done Fries (no cost): Ask your Five Guys employee to double fry your fries.
  • Artery Annihilator ($20.38): Combine a Bacon Dog (reg. $8.39) and a Bacon Cheeseburger (reg. $11.99).
  • Chicago Style Hot Dog (no cost): Add tomatoes, pickles, hot sauce, mustard, and green peppers to your Hot Dog (reg. $7.09).
  • Imitation Sloppy Joe (no cost): Add green peppers, grilled onion, ketchup, and A1 Sauce to your Hamburger (reg. $9.79).

For more ways to upgrade your fast food with secret menu items, check out our list of secret menu items you need to try.


11. You can add bacon bits to your Five Guys milkshake — no cost.

If you’re craving a more savory milkshake, ask to add bacon to your Five Guys milkshake for no additional cost. Don’t expect a big piece of bacon in the shake, though; instead, you’ll get bits of bacon with every sip.

Note: Not every Five Guys location has milkshake machines, so make sure to check if your local Five Guys has them.


12. The Five Guys Veggie Sandwich is the most popular way to get a meatless meal at Five Guys.

While Five Guys Burgers & Fries specialize in — well — burgers and fries, there are a few veggie options for those who are looking to cut meat out:

  • Veggie Sandwich ($5.29): Freshly grilled onions, mushrooms, and green peppers layered with lettuce and tomatoes on a soft, toasted sesame seed bun.
  • Grilled Cheese ($5.99): Two slices of Kraft American cheese melted on an inside-out sesame seed bun with toppings of your choice and grilled until golden brown.
  • Cheese Veggie Sandwich ($6.09): Freshly grilled onions, mushrooms, and green peppers layered with lettuce, tomatoes, and two slices of Kraft American cheese on a soft, toasted sesame seed bun.


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