In a time when people stay home to eat because of COVID-19, American restaurant favorites like Panera Bread are suffering. Closed dining rooms have led to a drop in sales and even closures for some businesses, but temporarily closing their dining rooms hasn’t stopped Panera from meeting their customers’ needs. In fact, they just came up with a brilliant new service that will keep you eating their fresh baked goods and more without ever leaving your house.


Panera Bread is now offering grocery pickup and contactless delivery for grocery staples.

Yep, you heard that right. Not only can you order fresh Mac & Cheese with a Chipotle Chicken Melt on Tomato Basil Bread, you can also get a bag of grapes, a 16-pack of yogurt, a gallon of milk, and more with your order.

Order from the Panera Bread menu and add groceries for contactless delivery or rapid pickup at the restaurant. It takes about 30-40 minutes for your order to be ready after checkout or you can schedule a delivery days in advance. Expect a $3 delivery fee, plus tip, that will be added to your total at checkout.

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How much does Panera Grocery cost?

Now, I’m not saying items from Panera Grocery have the best prices, but the convenience of delivery and pickup alone might tempt you into paying slightly more for fresh bread and produce. Inventory and prices vary by participating Panera location, but here’s an idea of what to expect:


  • French Baguette $3.39
  • Whole Grain Loaf $4.49
  • Classic White Loaf $4.49
  • Half Dozen Bagels $6.49
  • Baker’s Dozen Bagels $10.49
  • Bagel Pack $14.49

Bread can be sliced thick, thin, or not at all.


  • Vine-Ripened Tomato $1.49
  • Avocado $1.49
  • A Pint of Blueberries $4.99
  • A Bag of Red Grapes $5.99
  • An Apple $0.99

Milk & Dairy

  • A Gallon of 2% or Skim Milk $4.99
  • 32 oz. Whole Milk Plain Greek Yogurt $5.99
  • 16-Pack Strawberry & Mixed Berry Yogurt Tubes $7.99


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Panera Bread Selling Groceries for Pickup & Delivery