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How to Save on the Best Fast-Food Kids' Meals

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Parents, you have a wide variety of options when it comes to fast-food kids’ meals — available at any time. Some of these options come equipped with fun toys and smaller portions to cater to your child’s needs.

Despite various restaurants claiming to have the best kids’ meals, we’ve done the research to show you who actually comes out on top. We’ll show you the top choices and how you can save on your next visit.

From McDonald’s to Wendy’s, we have comprehensive information on their kids’ meals, including the potential value of the toys that come with them.

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Best Value: Burger King ‘King Jr.’ Meals ($3.89 – $4.39)

a boy eating a coffee at burger king with kids meal

Burger King’s kids’ meals are called “King Jr.” meals. Each one comes with a kids’ size fry (regularly $1.89), apple juice (priced at $1.69), and a toy. King Jr. meals also include a small toy that changes every few months. Here are the different entrees that you can get with your King Jr. meals:

  • Hamburger: $3.89
  • 4-Piece Nuggets: $3.99
  • Cheeseburger: $4.19
  • 6-Piece Nuggets: $4.39

You also won’t be able to get any discounts on them with the Burger King Royal Perks program. Here are some of the most popular Burger King kids’ meal toys:

  • Pokemon Plushes (1999)
  • Smurfs The Lost Village Figures (2016)
  • Pocahontas Figures (1995)
  • Shrek 2 Toys (2003)
  • Pokemon Gold-Plated Battle Cards (1999)

We know every Burger King deal you can take advantage of right now.


Best Kids’ Meal Toy: McDonald’s Happy Meal ($4.09 – $5.39)

A 6-piece kids Happy Meal sitting on a table outside of a McDonald's storefront.

A McDonald’s Happy Meal comes with small fries (normally $1.99), your choice of milk or apple juice (priced at $0.99), and apple slices (priced at $0.59). Plus, you’ll get an exclusive themed toy that changes every month. Here are the three entrees that you can choose from:

  • Hamburger: $4.09
  • 4-Piece Chicken McNugget: $4.49
  • 6-Piece Chicken McNugget: $5.39

Some McDonald’s Happy Meal toys tend to increase in price after their initial release, so you should always be on the lookout to see what makes a McDonald’s toy worth more than others. Here are some of the most valuable Happy Meal toys:

  • Cactus Plant Figures (2022)
  • Pokemon Battle Match Cards (2021)
  • Halloween McNuggets (1992)
  • Lego Bionicle (2001)
  • NeoPets (2004)

If you’re looking for ways to save on your Happy Meal, you can get a free one through the McDonald’s Rewards program when you redeem 6,000 points.

We’ve got all the ways you can save at McDonald’s that’ll get you discounts on everything from Big Macs to McFlurries.


Best for Adults: Chick-fil-A Kids’ Meal ($6.09 – $6.65)

Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets kids meal

The Chick-fil-A kids’ meal comes with your choice of side (up to a $3.29 value) and a toy. These toys tend to change every few months. These meals are filling, and there is a healthier option for the more health-conscious person. Here are all the entrees that you can get with the Chick-fil-A kids meal:

  • 5-Count Nuggets: $6.09
  • 2-Count Chicken Strips: $6.59
  • 5-Count Grilled Nuggets: $6.65

TIP: If you don’t want the kids toy, you can always ask to replace it with a small ice cream worth up to $1.45. This is just one of the many tips that you can use to save at Chick-fil-A.


Best Sides: Wendy’s Kids’ Meal ($4.90 – $4.79)

A kid dipping fry into a Wendy's frosty

Your Wendy’s kids’ meal will come with apple slices (regularly $1.49) or fries (normally $1.99), your choice of milk (priced at $2.19), apple juice (which costs $1.49) or a Jr. Frosty (regularly $1.99), and a toy. Here are the different entrees that you can get with your kids’ meals:

  • Hamburger: $4.09
  • Cheeseburger: $4.29
  • 4-Piece Nuggets: $4.79
  • 4-Piece Spicy Nuggets: $4.79

You’ll save the most with this kids’ meal when you order fries and milk. Unfortunately, the toys that Wendy’s gives with their kids’ meals aren’t worth a lot of money, but you can get a free Frosty with your meal. Here are the most valuable Wendy’s kids’ meal toys that they have released:

  • The Jetsons Movie Toys (1990)
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)
  • Wendy’s Trucks (1997)

Check out all the Wendy’s menu deals that can save you on every visit to Wendy’s.



Best Variety: Sonic Drive-In Wacky Pack Kids’ Meals ($3.89)

sonic wacky pack kids meal

Sonic Drive-In calls their kids’ meals “Wacky Pack Kids’ Meals” and come with your choice of fries, tots or apple sauce, a mini drink, and a toy. These toys change every few months but aren’t worth a lot after their release. Here are the entrees that you can choose from:

  • Hamburger: $3.89
  • Crispy Tenders: $3.89
  • Hot Dog: $3.89
  • Corn Dog: $3.89
  • Grilled Cheese: $3.89

Here are the most valuable Wacky Pack Toys:

  • Sonic Drive-In Cars (1992)
  • Sonic Drive-In Brown Bag Figures (1989)
  • Sonic Drive-In Train Cars (1997)

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Healthiest Kids’ Meal: Subway’s Fresh Fit for Kids’ Meal ($5.99)

mom and daughter eating subway

Subway’s Fresh Fit for Kids’ Meal is only $5.99 and comes with a drink (priced at $1.79) and applesauce (regularly $1.59). Each sub is four inches, and you’ll be able to make additions and subtractions made to your sandwich.

Eat fresh for cheaper with our Subway menu hacks.


More of the Best Fast-Food Kids’ Meals

Popeyes Kids’ Meal: $4.29 – $5.50

popeyes kids meal with chicken nuggets, milk, and applesauce

With the Popeyes kids’ meals, you’ll get applesauce, apple juice, and a kids’ toy. These toys change occasionally, but they aren’t worth anything if you decide to sell them. Here are the entrees you’ll get with a Popeyes kids’ meal.

  • 4-Piece Nugget Meal: $4.29
  • 1-Piece Leg Meal: $4.99
  • 1-Piece Tender Meal: $4.99
  • 6-Piece Nugget Meal: $5.09
  • Mac & Cheese Meal: $5.50

We have so many delicious ways you can save on Popeyes chicken.


Arby’s Kids’ Meals: $4.99 – $5.49

Arby's chicken nuggets kids meal

Kids’ meals at Arby’s come with a side of fries (regularly $1.99) and your choice of milk or apple juice. Unfortunately, these meals don’t offer a toy. Here are all the entrees that you can get from this kids’ meal:

  • Chicken Slider: $4.99
  • Roast Beef Slider: $4.99
  • 4-Piece Nuggets: $5.49
  • 6-Piece Nuggets: $6.49

There are so many Arby’s deals that you can take advantage of to save on all the meats.



Carl’s Jr. Kids’ Meal: $5.29

kids chicken tenders and french fries from carls jr or hardees

Carl’s Jr. (or Hardee’s if you’re on the east coast) has three kids’ meals that come with a small fry (regularly $3.55) and drink (priced at $2.92). You won’t be able to get any toys with your meal, and we haven’t seen any deals for kids’ meals at Carl’s Jr. Here are the entrees that you can get with your meal:

  • 2-Piece Chicken Tenders: $5.29
  • Hamburger: $5.29
  • Cheeseburger: $5.29

While you won’t be able to save on kids’ meals, you can save on the Carl’s Jr. menu by following our tips and tricks.


Jack in the Box Kids’ Meal: $4.99 – $5.29

jack in the box kids hamburger meal

The Jack in the Box kids’ meals come with a kids’ sized fry (regularly $2.39) and your choice of bottled water (normally $1.99), milk (priced at $1.79), or apple juice (regularly $1.69). You won’t get a toy out of these kids’ meals, and we haven’t seen any deals available for kids’ meals at Jack in the Box. Here are the entrees that you can get:

  • 5-Piece Chicken Nuggets: $4.99
  • Hamburger: $4.99
  • Cheeseburger: $5.29

We have even more tips that you should know to save on your Jack in the Box tacos and more.


Firehouse Subs Kids’ Meal: $5.49

happy child eating a kids meal at firehouse subs restaurant

The Firehouse Subs kids’ meal comes with a 4-inch sub of your choice, a kids’ size drink (regularly $2.39), and your choice of a dessert or chips (a maximum value of $1.99). Getting this meal instead of a 4-inch sub separately will cost you $5.29; so for $0.20 more, you’ll get a drink and dessert.

Getting this meal is just one of the many Firehouse Sub menu hacks that you should use.


Chipotle Kids’ Meal: $5.50 – $5.95

someone filling taco in kids meal

There are currently two Chipotle kids’ meals. Each come with two toppings, one side, one drink, and your choice of protein. If you get the “Create Your Own” meal with two tortillas, it’ll cost you $5.95, but the Quesadilla kids’ meal only costs $5.50. Getting these meals is easy way to save at Chipotle if you’re looking for a lighter meal.

And you can even create some Chipotle secret menu items if you order the right toppings.



Potbelly Kids’ Meal: $5.69

potbelly sandwich shop kids turkey sub meal

The Potbelly kids’ meal comes with a bottle of water (regularly $2.19), an apple sauce, a chocolate chip cookie (priced at $2.19), and your choice of entree from Turkey & Swiss, Ham & Swiss, Mac & Cheese, and PB & J. We haven’t seen any deals on these kids’ meals, but there are several ways you can save at Potbelly Sandwich Shop.


Jersey Mike’s Kids’ Meals: $5.65

jersey mikes kids meal with turkey sub

A Jersey Mike’s kids’ meal comes with a 4-inch sub of your choice, a cookie (priced at $0.95), and a drink (regularly $2.39). Each sandwich will set you back $5.65, and they are a great alternative if you’re looking for a lighter meal for you and your wallet. We’ve got the skinny on all the Jersey Mike’s secret menu savings.


Dairy Queen Kids’ Meals: $4.29

dairy queen chicken strips kids meal

The Dairy Queen kids’ meals have a variety of options for you to choose including 2-piece chicken strips, hamburgers, and hot dogs. Plus, you’ll get your choice of side from applesauce, fries, and a banana, a bottled water, and a kids cone of soft serve. Not every Dairy Queen locations has food, so make sure to double-check your local Dairy Queen for their information.

Not in the mood for a kids’ meal? There are plenty of Dairy Queen Blizzard hacks that can save you money.


Panera Bread Kids’ Meal: $5.39 – $9.89

child eating panera kids meal at home

At Panera Bread, their kids’ meals are just half-portions of their original meal. They range from simple sandwiches starting at $5.39 to salads for $9.89. Unfortunately, there are no savings to be had by ordering a kids’ meal in place of a regular-sized meal. If you don’t see something on the kids menu that you like, you can always ask for a half-portion to get a kids’ sized meal.

We’ve got all the ways you can make Panera Bread menu prices cheaper, including everything about the Panera Unlimited Sips program.



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