Bath & Body Works has some of the best store hacks for discounted candles, lotion, hand sanitizers and more.

Memorize these 5 Bath & Body Works hacks, tips and tricks before choosing your next signature scent to save yourself at least 50% every time you shop:


1. Exchange broken Wallflower plug-ins and new or unopened products for new ones.

Take in your burned-out or broken Wallflower plug-ins and get a new one, anytime, for free. Depending on which one you have, you can exchange it for a similar type — you can’t exchange a basic Wallflower for the newest design.

I’ve heard some people say Bath & Body Works will only exchange for up to six months after you buy a Wallflower plug, but I called customer service after four years of owning mine when it stopped working, and they said they’d exchange it if the store wouldn’t.

On top of that, you can exchange new or unopened products for a different scent. I know you’ve been there — you get a set of body wash, lotion and body spray for Christmas and you literally hate the smell. Don’t give it away or let it go unused! Instead, take it into the store and exchange the bottles for a scent you actually like!

You don’t need a receipt, because Bath & Body Works has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. As long as the product is no more than HALF USED, you can exchange it for a new scent.

You can even do this with the scents in your Black Friday VIP bag! Score.


2. Use expired coupons to overlap with a sale.

Since you can use coupons on sale items, Bath & Body Works sometimes tries to make sure that doesn’t happen. But all coupons have a three-day grace period, meaning you can use them for up to three days after they expire.

You can even stack multiple coupons on Black Friday prices. The cashier will apply a dollar-off coupon (like $10 off a $30 purchase), a free item, (like a free item with a $10 purchase) and then a percentage off coupon (like 25% off your entire purchase).


3. Always shop Semi-Annual Sales in January and June for up to 75% off.

For the best selection, shop at the beginning of the sale for the biggest selection marked as much as 75% off. Toward the end of the sale you’ll see up to 90% off, but expect a smaller selection.



4. Join every mailing list for coupons and freebies.

Join the email list and snail mail list for all the coupons like 25% off your purchase and freebies like a free signature collection item with any purchase.

Opt in to the Bath & Body Works email list at the bottom of the website, or give your email address to the cashier in store. For the postal list, give the cashier your phone number in store. Or, you can call customer service (1-800-756-5005) and request to be added to the snail mail list.


5. The more you shop, the better your coupons will get.

Bath & Body Works tracks your shopping habits in their system and offers rewards that are unique to you and your spending habits. While it’s not an official loyalty program, it kinda feels like it, and I’m not complaining!

Make sure you’re giving the cashier your phone number or email address every time you shop, or sign in if you’re buying online so the system can track your purchases and reward you with more discounts!


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