Walgreens is making some big changes to its rewards program in the coming weeks, and you’re gonna want to know what they’re planning — especially if you’ve been racking up points.

Here’s what you can expect from the Walgreens Balance Rewards changes:


Earn as many points as you want, but you can only spend $5 in rewards at a time.

Walgreens customers will still be able to earn unlimited points — 10 points for every dollar spent in the store — but starting in November, there will only be 5 tiers of rewards (aka discounts on Walgreens purchases) for those points:

  • 1,000 points = $1 off
  • 2,000 = $2
  • 3,000 = $3
  • 4,000 = $4
  • 5,000 = $5

Basically, that means that even if you have 40,000 points, you’re limited to spending $5 in rewards per transaction. Doesn’t really help with those big purchases anymore.


Say adios to any rewards over $5.

There used to be 8 tiers in Balance Rewards, going all the way up to 40,000 points — a $50 off reward. No longer.

While it’s a bummer not to have the opportunity to save $50 on a purchase, Walgreens says only 2% of its Balance Rewards customers redeem points higher than $5.


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Walgreens will still do points offers on promoted products.

Walgreens will continue to run promos where you can earn more points for certain purchases, but they’ll likely be equal to or less than the 5,000-point threshold.

Stay tuned to our Walgreens deals page, and you’ll keep tabs on special offers.


Got a lot of points? Use ’em before November.

If you currently have less than $5 in points, then you can sit tight.

But if you’ve been saving up and you have $20 worth or more, hurry and use those reward discounts before November.

Your 40,000 points that are worth $50 right now will only be worth $40 when the changes take place (and you’ll only be able to use them $5 at a time). That’s a 20% reduction in value!

And no matter what, use your points before they expire after a year.


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Walgreens Is About to Overhaul Its Balance Rewards Program